01 Dec 23

Bring Holiday Joy to a Family this Christmas

Sheridan Howe | News & Updates

The babies in the Special Care Nursery at Peninsula Health are facing complex medical needs and your support can bring a touch of holiday magic to their families during this difficult time.

Similar to Kim and Paul, who welcomed twin girls, Eddie and Mackenzie, into the world, their joy was accompanied by the challenge of Mackenzie being born under 1.5kg. This usually results in babies being transferred to neonatal intensive care units, causing logistical and emotional strains on the family. Fortunately, collaborative efforts between Peninsula Health and The Royal Children’s Hospital ensured that Mackenzie could remain at Frankston Hospital with her parents and twin sister, Eddie, alleviating the family from the additional stress of separation during this difficult period.

How you can help:

If you can give a donation, you’ll be supporting Peninsula Health’s Special Care Nursery to keep more families together right here on the Mornington Peninsula. Removing the stress for new parents who would otherwise have to travel back and forth to Melbourne to be close to their babies.

The Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital sees an average of 650 babies each year. That’s hundreds of families receiving high level, family–centred care which is at the heart of our values at Peninsula Health.

Your donation today will support Peninsula Health’s Special Care Nursery. You’ll be helping keep families together and to give our tiniest, most vulnerable patients the highest care possible.

In the words of Kim and Paul, proud parents of twin baby girls Eddie & Mackenzie:

“We’re fully indebted to the team here at Frankston Hospital. There were a lot of small wins every day”.
“Everyone would come in and I feel like they all had a true bond with our baby girls and really wanted to do everything possible to keep them together. It was personal. It was heartfelt. Their main objective, was to keep everyone safe and well and our little family as one. We are very grateful”. 

Kim and Paul are now looking forward to having both their babies home. And that’s now in sight, thanks to the tireless work of our Special Care Nursery team.

Every dollar counts and your contribution can make a direct impact on the lives of these tiny miracles. Please visit the donation page below to make your contribution.

Christmas Appeal — Peninsula Health Donation

You can also help by spreading the word by sharing the Christmas appeal with friends, family, and on your social media. Together, we can increase our impact and reach more people willing to make a difference.

This holiday season, let’s come together to create a brighter, more hopeful future for the families and infants in the Special Care Nursery. Your generosity can bring joy, comfort, and support during a time that can and should be filled with warmth and celebration.