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Duress alarm

Great for lone workers

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Great for lone workers - the MePACS Duress Alarm is ideal for people who work alone, are out in the community, or work at night. Giving you the confidence to get on with your job, knowing that you have 24/7 assistance at the touch of one button if you ever need help.

The MePACS Mobile unit can be used to: Supports occupational health & safety policies Enhances your existing risk frameworks to reduce and prevent incidents Assist in the event of violence, assault, accident, fire, theft or medical emergency of you or your client.

  • 24/7 response by fully trained staff based in Australia
  • All activations are responded to within 2 minutes
  • Quick and simple – one button activation
  • Two way voice communications with our response team
  • Built in microphone to record conversations
  • Optional silent response
  • GPS locator so we can identify your location (within a 10 metre radius outside)
  • We are backed by an Australian Public Health Service - so we care about your welfare and safety
  • We have over 28 year’s experience in emergency response

Since having the MePACS mobile duress alarm, it has given me additional confidence & reassurance knowing if a situation was to arise when I am out in the field, assistance is only a touch of a button away. The device is lightweight and doesn’t hinder me in my day to day activities at work.

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