14 Sep 20

Lone Worker Safety Alarm in Allied Health | Duress Devices

Alayna Hansen | MePACS News , Product Tips

Allied health professionals are among our essential workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly to ensure each patient receives the most appropriate care for their medical condition and stage of treatment.

With knowledge and skills in specialist areas of healthcare, allied health professionals consistently put the safety and care of their patients first. Sadly, the same support is not always returned.

Whether in a public hospital, medical clinic or providing at-home care, there are unfortunate situations where patients, visiting friends and family and even bystanders can become stressed and act aggressively towards healthcare staff – with the statistics from Worksafe Victoria reporting up to 95% of general healthcare workers have experienced physical or verbal assault in their career.

MePACS understands that worker safety is paramount, and it is the duty of care for all employers to ensure their staff have the confidence to get on with their job, feel safe and have the support they need at all times.

Introducing a MePACS duress alarm into workplace safety procedures can guarantee that all healthcare staff, and particularly those in allied health roles, have the required assistance from the 24/7 MePACS response service to de-escalate a distressing situation.

What is a wearable Duress alarm for Allied health professionals?

A wearable duress alarm for allied health professionals is a discreet and convenient device that can send a signal for help to an internal security team or emergency response centre in a distressing situation, such as a medical emergency or act of physical assault.

While some duress alarms can be worn on a lanyard, this may be an obstacle for allied health professionals who must be close to a patient in order to treat them correctly.

The MePACS Solo watch is an intuitive and powerful duress alarm that has two-way communication with the dedicated MePACS response team, who are trained in emergency assistance and work around the clock to ensure 24/7 support to all allied health professionals.

How does a wearable Duress alarm work for Allied health professionals?

With the MePACS Solo watch, you are guaranteed a response within two minutes from our 24/7 emergency centre of trained professionals.

In the event of an accident, violent incident, assault, fire or emergency, a signal for help can be activated with just a simple tap on the ‘alert icon’ or two taps on the ‘home key’ on the lower right hand side of the watch.

Alternatively, the in-built fall detection technology will automatically trigger an alert to MePACS – in the event that this is an accident, you have 10 seconds to dismiss the message.

Our team can efficiently assess the situation, triage the level of help needed and take action – whether you need a colleague, security personnel or emergency service to assist you in your time of need.

What are risks for Allied health professionals?

Allied Health describes the broad range of healthcare professionals who are not doctors, dentists or nurses. They aim to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions and illnesses and will often work with others in different medical disciplines to determine the best outcomes for a patient.

To only name a few, allied health professionals can work in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, audiology and speech pathology. These are all areas where individual workers will provide essential care alone, at night or for extended periods of time.

The risks to their health and safety can come in a variety of forms:

  • negative human interactions
  • lifting and moving patients
  • misused equipment
  • slippery and uneven surfaces
  • medical emergencies

Working consistently in a high risk environment can also cause ongoing stress and affect personal mental health. A duress alarm can relieve lone workers of their anxiety and give them the reassurance that they have guaranteed help whenever required, leading to increased morale, work ethic and a dynamic team environment.

How can the MePACS Solo benefit Allied health professionals?

The MePACS 24/7 duress alarm service has assisted allied health professionals working in dialysis, Hospital-in-the-Home, community health and physiotherapy among other essential departments.

There are many benefits that the MePACS Solo watch can provide, including:

A timed Check-in – the user may set a time that they need to complete their care. This time can be increased, but if any check-in is not updated when required or cancelled,  an alert will be raised to MePACS to check on their safety.

Water-resistant – can be worn while bathing a patient.

Contact tracing –  an essential tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout a healthcare environment. With GPS and Geo Fencing technology, the MePACS Solo has the ability to trace entry and exit points, as well as where the user has been, how long and how frequently.

Intuitive online platform – where management teams can access reporting, insights and short questionnaires to ensure their team are following correct PPE guidelines.

The MePACS Solo for duress keeps your team safe and connected. For more information, head to our Duress Solo page or call 1800 685 329.