02 Sep 19

All you need to know about a Medical Alarm

Sally Withers | Latest Industry News , MePACS in the news

What is a medical alarm?

A medical personal alarm is a compact device worn around the neck or wrist that a user can call for help if they experience a fall or feel ill. A medical alarm allows the user to live independently in their own home and gives them peace of mind to know that if help is required it’s available 24/7.


Who needs a medical alarm?

A medical alarm system can give peace of mind and a sense of security to senior Australians, people living on their own, those with chronic health condition, disabilities or recovering from surgery. It also provides reassurance for their family and loved ones knowing that if emergency assistance is needed, help is available fast. There are home and mobile alarms available when the user leave the home.
MePACS offer both the home & mobile personal alarms, responded to by a real person based in Australia and guarantees response within 2 minutes.


How does a medical alarm work?

A medical alarm is a device that should be worn on you at all times. When the help button is pressed it alerts a response centre or family member that help is needed. A medical alarm allows the client to call for help quickly which can be the difference between life and death. Most medical personal alarms can be worn around the neck or around the wrist like a watch. The pendant/watch has a help button on it that can be linked to a 24/7 response centre like MePACS who will then speak to you through the base unit or the 2 way mobile alarm device. Your MePACS medical alarm is also fully waterproof so you can wear it in the bath or shower a lot of falls occur.

How does a medical alarm work with a 24/7 response centre?

If a user falls or feels unwell, or has any sort of emergency, they simply press the button on their pendant worn around their neck or wrist. An alert is then sent to a contact or a connected response service via the mobile network and it’s compatible with the NBN.

When a response centre receives an alert, they will contact the client to assess what type of help is needed. The operator can speak to the client via the alarm using voice- to- voice feature. This is a crucial feature for clients when they are unable to get to the phone so the response monitor can get the right help quickly for the client.

With the home based medical alarm MePACS can hear and talk to the client through the base unit and if we can’t hear them we will still call a nominated contact for come and check on the client. The mobile alarm works anywhere there is mobile phone coverage in Australia.


What is the best medical alarm?

We are not saying we are the best, however we have over 40,000 customers Australia wide who trust us to keep them safe both in their home and out and about. We have over 300 customer reviews with an average 5 star rating speaks for itself. We are proud to be one of the industry leaders and pride ourselves on our caring, friendly and professional approach. Our response staff are well-trained professionals who provide the real human personal touch that is required when communicating with our clients.


How much is a medical alarm?

The MePACS alarm service starts from a little more than a $1 a day. For less than two cups of coffee a week you have peace of mind knowing that if you need emergency help, assistance is only the press of one button away.


MePACS Home Medical Response Service is great for use around and home and in the garden.

Price – $39 a month inc. GST + Installation

The MePACS Home Alarm comes with:
• A quick and simple one button activation
• Wrist or neck pendant
• Home base unit with two-way communication so no need to reach for the phone
• Waterproof pendant that can be worn in the bath or shower
• No additional phone charges
• Monthly pendant testing for your safety

Home & Mobile Medical Alarm – Ideal for those who like to get out and about to visit the shops, visit friends, go walking or even on holiday in Australia, knowing that they still have the peace of mind that they only have to press their alarm button if they need help, and MePACS will respond within 2 minutes.

Price – $51 a month + $385 one-off fee for mobile alarm inc. GST + Installation


The MePACS Home & Mobile Alarms comes with:

• Quick and simple one button activation on both the home & mobile alarms
• Neck or wrist Home pendant
• Mobile alarm unit
• Home base unit and Mobile unit with two-way communication so no need to reach for a phone
• GPS locator in Mobile alarm
• Waterproof home pendants and splash proof mobile alarm
• No additional phone charges
• Monthly pendant testing for your safety
• Mobile charging base unit
• Belt clip and lanyard

For more information on the features of both the home and mobile medical alarms visit

You can also purchase additional accessories for your MePACS alarm, to view these features visit

MePACS Mobile Medical Alarm


Installation of the MePACS medical alarm:

• Professional installation is also available in Victoria, Sydney & Brisbane* for an additional fee of $140 inc. GST – for additional locations please contact our team on 1800 685 329.
• Self-installation is relatively simple and can be done by either yourself, a friend or family member for $29 for one or $39 for two alarms.


How do I get a medical alarm?

You can purchase a MePACS medical alarm by calling our sales team on 1800 685 329 or you can join online at