18 Mar 19

Ron’s Story – “MePACS Saved My Life”

Sally Withers | Testimonials

“How do you say Thank You to the wonderful people at MePACS whose prompt response contributed to saving my life.

Late last year I suffered a major arterial blood clot cutting off blood to my heart and brain which totally incapacitated me. I was in so much pain that I could not even reach the phone at the side of my bed to call 000.

Luckily I had my MePACS personal alarm on me and was able to press the button for help – And within minutes the staff at MePACS had two ambulances arrive at my home, phoned my brother and also called my friend nearby. The service was so swift and efficient that within one hour I was on the operating table at Frankston Hospital where I was given lifesaving surgery.

To me it’s important that I acknowledge the assistance given to me by MePACS staff as it was the speed of handling my situation that helped saved me. Therefore I give them a very big thank you”. Said Ron.

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