accessories keysafe

Key Safe

Price – $80 at time of install (inc. GST)

Compact and strong, this offers safe storage of your house keys so carers and emergency service can access your home in the event of an emergency.


Additional Pendant

Price – $70 (inc. GST)

Ideal for carers or couples living together.

mobile unit

Mobile Alarm Unit

Price – $385 (inc. GST)

The mobile alarm can be used away from the home anywhere there is mobile phone coverage. This will incur an additional monthly monitoring cost of $12. Include charger and base station.

Mobile charger and base station only

arthritic sleeve

Arthritic Sleeve

Price – $15 (inc. GST)

Ideal for people with arthritis or low mobility in their hands.

accessories blower switch

Blower Switch

Price – $99 (inc. GST)

The Blow Switch is a complete wireless transmitting device that triggers the alarm by blowing or sipping into it.

jelly bean switch

Jelly Bean

Price – $265 (inc. GST)

The Jelly Bean is a popular and durable switch, offering a 6cm surface activation of the MePACS Alarm, with tactile and auditory feedback. It comes with a set of 4 coloured (red, blue, yellow and green) tops that can be screwed off and replaced with the colour of your choice, depending on your vision needs, style or specific requirements.

smoke detector

Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

Price – Wireless Interface – $109 (inc. GST) / Smoke Detector – $89 + installation

Hard wired 240volt smoke detector. Comes in 2 parts the actual smoke detector and the wireless interface. You can have several smoke detectors connected to one wireless interface. Does require an electrician to wire and installation costs will vary on each installation.


Vibrating Pendant

Price – $80 (inc. GST)

Ideal for the sight impaired or just general peace of mind that a signal has been sent to the alarm unit. Up to 300 metres range. Comes complete with wristwatch strap & neck chain. Ultrasonically sealed to be completely waterproof.