03 Dec 18

A Testimonial from Mark

Karen Smith | Testimonials

Mark has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound; he lives independently in his own home. Mark decided to take up the MePACS alarm service after it was recommended to him by his local health service some 16 years ago.

I took up the MePACS service as a matter of security and I knew that if anything were to go wrong I know I had the alarm there if I needed help anytime of the day or night. The first time I needed to press my MePACS alarm for help was some 5 years ago; I had fell and fractured my hip and I was on crutches at the time.  Within 30 seconds of pressing my MePACS alarm I spoke to a friendly MePACS operator, she reassured me that an ambulance was on their way. The ambulance arrived within 5-10 minutes and took me straight to hospital where I stayed for a week. I was then to Caulfield rehab where I stayed for 6 to 8 weeks until I could put weight on my hip. Following rehab, I underwent many weeks of physio in Kingston, said Mark.

 I am so thankful that I had the MePACS alarm; as I wouldn’t have been able to reach for my phone to call for help. My family are also very thankful for the MePACS service; it puts their mind at ease knowing that I am safer at home. I always wear the MePACS alarm around my neck and I never take it off.

MePACS are excellent, they give me peace of mind – it’s a good to have the extra security. All I need to do is press the button and I know someone will answer my call and help will be on its way. The service is excellent and the staff are friendly and reassuring. I definitely do feel safer having MePACS, said Mark.

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