15 Feb 21

Tunstall Healthcare Personal Alarms Alternatives – A Review and Comparison

Alayna Hansen | Latest Industry News , Product Tips

Personal alarms enable seniors and people living with disabilities, chronic health conditions or compromised immune systems to live independently and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is available in the event of a medical emergency. 

 There are a variety of personal alarms and safety devices that allow the wearer to signal for help by pressing a button and alerting a close contact, family member or emergency service. 

Not all personal alarms are the same thoughand while most offer security and an efficient response, it’s important to know the differences between each personal alarm service and how their products suit your lifestyle. 

 MePACS is a personal alarm service that has trained professionals who are always available to responded to an alert 24/7, and an alternative to Tunstall Healthcare personal alarms. Both organisations are approved providers of the new Personal Alert South Australia (Personal AlertSA) scheme, a South Australian government funding initiative that improves access to personal alarms for seniors that need them most.  

What is the difference between MePACS personal alarms and a Tunstall alarm?

 At MePACS, 99% of calls are responded to within 2 minutes and 94% are responded to in under 1 minute by a real person who can action your alert straight away. All responses come directly into the MePACS response team who then triage and then contact the most appropriate family member, friend or ambulance if required; without causing your loved ones unnecessary worry.  

 Tunstall Healthcare send their medical alerts first to an automated call system before being responded to by an operator.

 SIM Card 

Our products and prices include all SIM card and Data charges. The Tunstall medical alert system requires you to purchase a SIM card and pay for the data charges additional to the unit if the client chooses to be monitored via friends and family. 


MePACS has been keeping communities safe and responding to emergency alerts to seniors for over 30 years. We have over 300 reviews from our clients who rate us 4.5 stars out of 5.  MePACS are the most rated personal alarm services in Australia. 

In our latest survey of client opinions, 98% rated the MePACS service as good or excellent. 

 Not for Profit 

MePACS is a national service backed by an Australian Public Health provider and our profits are reinvested into the healthcare system and aged care research, ensuring that the health and wellbeing of our clients can be prioritised in the community. 

 As part of a public health provider, we are stringently governed and adhere to the highest standards possible, ensuring our clients have the products that are most suitable to them. 

Our Australian clients matter the most. We also offer monthly pendant testing and a ‘daily call’ service for their extra peace of mind. 

 Tunstall Healthcare are a private, global company that started in the UK. They now operate their services in over 50 countries. 

 Response Centre 

MePACS has a dedicated emergency response centre in Victoria with trained professionalavailable 24/7 to respond to your activation. 

 At MePACS, our response team can talk to our clients through the home speaker unit or mobile/watch alarm unit and reassure them that a ‘real person’ is there to help, staying with them on the line until help has arrived.  

 Human contact can make all the difference in calming people who may be in an anxious state, in pain or alone in their house and provides reassurance. 

 This relieves the pressure that family members and provides peace of mind to both the family and clients. Instead of family members constantly checking on their loved one, you can rely on the MePACS emergency response service to be there for our clients 24/7. 

 How does Tunstall work? Tunstall Healthcare have two call centres for their personal alarms – one in Australia and one in New Zealand – so they transfer signals for help between each call centre. 

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What is the Personal AlertSA Rebate Scheme?

 MePACS and Tunstall Healthcare are both approved providers for the Personal Alert SA scheme (formerly known as the Personal Alarm Rebate Scheme) in South Australia, a state government initiative that increases access to personal alarms for seniors in need. 

With a fully monitored response service, you can always rely on someone responding quickly to your signal for help. The MePACS response centre is also based in Australia, so you know you are talking to a familiar voice. And with your medical details on file, we know just how specific you need the help to be. 

 We currently offer our MePACS home alarm, MePACS Solo watch and a MePACS Care package as part of the PASA scheme.  

The MePACS Solo is a revolutionary, stylish, discreet and convenient personal alarm watch with GPS technology, falls detection and health metrics to keep up with an active and independent lifestyle. 

 While family and carers can check in over the phone, it is the quick actions and care of the MePACS response team that gives everyone peace of mind. 

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How much does a Tunstall personal alarm normally cost compared to MePACS?

Tunstall personal alarm normally has a monthly cost of $46.50, which does not include setup and delivery. 

 MePACS alarm usual monthly monitoring fee is $39 which includes your home alarm and pendant, and we offer self install fee of$29. We guarantee an emergency response service 24/7, which is necessary to ensure your family member is safe and secure in their own home. 

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