01 Apr 20

What accessories can I get for a MePACS personal alarm?

MePACS Team | MePACS Products & Services

For people living with disabilities, sometimes it can be difficult to press the button on their MePACS alarm, depending on their mobility or medical condition.

With our alarm accessories, the button can be more accessible and it is easier to send an alert to our 24/7 emergency response team, who will answer within two minutes and assess the level of help required.

Arthritic Sleeve

While the button on the MePACS alarm is designed to be accessible, people who have arthritis, multiple sclerosis or limited mobility can have difficulty in moving their hands to press the alarm.

With an arthritic sleeve, the flat button is enlarged and protrudes out from the device, so it is easier identify and send a signal for help.

Key Safe

A key safe is important to have in a medical emergency, especially in a situation where the ambulance arrives, the door is locked and the client is unable to get up.

With a personal combination that is only given to family members and paramedics, a key safe holds your house keys and can be placed in a letterbox or in a hidden place out the front of your house.

Upon arrival, family or paramedics will be given the code by the MePACS team, who will stay on the line until assistance is no longer required.

Jelly Bean Button

The Jelly Bean button increases the surface activation of a MePACS alarm to 6cm. Connected to a MePACS home unit, it can sit on a bed frame, dressing table or a wheelchair and enable the user to quickly signal for help.

This button can be used in addition to the MePACS pendant, and as it is wireless, it can be installed anywhere in the home, on any surface.

It comes with a set of four tops that come in blue, green, red or yellow. They can be screwed off and replaced depending on your style or vision needs.

This accessory would be ideal for someone who may have limited mobility due to muscular dystrophy, motor neuron disease and Freidreich’s ataxia, or is vision impaired.

Falls Pendant

MePACS Fall Detector

A falls pendant is a completely waterproof personal alarm that has inbuilt technology to detect a fall.

Falls are the main cause of unintentional injury and hospitalisation among older Australians.

One in three people over the age of 65 experience a fall each year, and half of them cannot get up without help.

This pendant can detect a dramatic shift in height, such as if someone were to faint and fall to the ground or trip over.

With light and sound confirmation once triggered by a fall, the pendant sends a signal for help to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service which will be answered within two minutes.

If a MePACS monitor cannot get hold of you, they will call a list emergency contacts until someone can offer assistance.

This accessory would be ideal for people who are prone to falls or fainting, as well as those with epilepsy who may have seizures.

Vibrating Pendant

This pendant can assist those who are sight and hearing impaired as it confirms that a signal has been sent to the MePACS emergency response team by vibrating.

The sound and movement can also ease people who have heightened anxiety, reassuring them that the button has been pressed.

Like a MePACS pendant alarm, it comes with a wristband and neck chain, so you can decide how you prefer to wear it.

It can also be worn in the bath or shower as it is ultrasonically sealed to be completely waterproof.

Wall Mounted Waterproof Pendant

The most common area to fall is in the bathroom, where a wet, tiled surface can be extremely slippery and hazardous.

A wall mounted pendant can be secured on the wall inside or next to your shower, so it is easy to press if you begin to feel light-headed or that you may faint. You can still wear your MePACS alarm in the shower or bath as it is completely waterproof, but a pendant mounted to the wall provides that extra security.

This pendant can also be positioned next to the toilet, as this is an area of risk where you may fall or be unable to get up.

Although you may wear your MePACS personal alarm every day, the pendant mounted on the wall enables you to always have a second option, and could be ideal for someone who uses a wheelchair or has issues with their balance.

Blower Switch

This device can transmit a signal to your MePACS home unit by blowing or sipping into the plastic tube.

A blower switch may be ideal for someone who has paraplegia, amputated limbs or limited mobility of their hands and arms.

With no need to press a button, you can still feel reassured that you can signal for help and have the guaranteed response of the MePACS team within 2 minutes.

You’re safer at home and away with MePACS. Please give our friendly sales team a call on 1800 685 329 if you wish to purchase any of these accessories to add your MePACS alarm.