Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question that is not answered below please contact us online, or phone MePACS on 1800 685 329

How does MePACS work?

If a client feels unwell, falls, or has any sort of emergency, they simply press the button on their light weight pendant worn around their neck or wrist. An alert is then sent to MePACS through a base unit via the telephone network.

When MePACS receive an alert, we will phone the client to assess what type of help is needed. We speak to the client using a ‘hands free’, voice- to- voice feature of the alarm unit. This is an important feature for Clients when they are unable to get to the phone. MePACS can hear and talk to the client through the alarm unit no matter where they are in the home.

In addition to this service, some clients choose to receive a daily wellbeing check. Clients using this service press a button on the alarm unit daily between 6am and 11am to let MePACS know they are ok. If MePACS have not received a daily signal from the client before 11am, we will confirm the wellbeing of the client by calling them or their nominated Contact. If MePACS are unable to confirm the client’s wellbeing, we will contact emergency services to conduct a home welfare check.

Can I wear my pendant in the shower?

Yes. Your MePACS pendant is water resistant and we recommend that you do wear it in the shower. Pendants can also be worn in the bath and swimming pool.

How far does my pendant work from the alarm base unit?

The current MePACS service is designed to work in and around your home. It is not designed to be worn whilst you are away from home. The range of the pendant is between 50 to 70 metres. A MePACS Installer will always test the pendant range when it is installed in your home.

A repeater to extend the range to approximately 120 metres may be installed and would require its own power supply. Additional costs may apply.

A new MePACS pendant, designed to be worn at all times including while you are away from home, will be available very soon.

What happens if I accidentally press the pendant?

Do not be concerned. If you accidentally press your pendant, the MePACS response team will always contact you through the alarm base unit to confirm your wellbeing.

Can two people have a pendant with only one alarm base unit?

Yes. Up to four pendants can be programmed to one alarm unit.

What should I do if there is a fault or technical issue with my MePACS equipment?

You should test your pendant and base unit once a month by pressing the help button.  If you have a fault or technical issue with your MePACS equipment please call us on 1800 451 300.

What happens if there is a power outage?

In the event of a power failure, your alarm will still work. The alarm unit has a battery back-up which is designed to provide power to the alarm unit for a minimum of 40 hours. MePACS will contact the client if a ‘power failure’ signal is received from the alarm unit.

Who can be a nominated contact person?

A nominated contact person should be someone who is well known to you such as a family member, friend or trusted neighbour. Your contact person will need a key to your home. Ideally, nominated contacts should live no more than 30 minutes from your home and are available to assist you. MePACS may call your nominated contact to check on your welfare during the day or night.

How many nominated contact people do I need to have?

You can nominate up to three people.

Can I list other people who I would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency?

Yes. In addition to your nominated contacts, you can list other people who may receive information about you, such as your next of kin. Contacts listed to receive ‘information only’ can be contacted if you are ever transported to hospital or other emergency event.

What if I have no contacts?

If you do not have any contacts that live close by, MePACS can arrange an external response service or other agency who will act as your contact. MePACS may contact the response service to assist you if emergency services are not required. Response service or agency fees may apply.

What if my contacts are unavailable?

If MePACS are unable to get in touch with one of your contacts, we will contact emergency services such as police to conduct a welfare check. MePACS recommends ensuring you’re covered for ambulance expenses.

Service costs and subscription options

Do I have to pay for the telephone calls from the alarm unit?

No. There are no additional call charges for using the MePACS service. All calls from the alarm unit are covered by the monthly service fee.

Is there any minimum term contract or can the service be cancelled at any time?

No. There are no locked-in contracts. Clients can cancel the MePACS service at any time without penalty.

Can I have an alarm if I only have a mobile phone service?

Yes you can. The alarm unit can operate via the mobile network in your area.

Is financial assistance available?

You may be eligible for financial assistance through the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services- Personal Alert Victoria (PAV) program. MePACS can provide you with information about how to apply for a funded service.

How soon can the MePACS alarm unit be installed so I can start using my pendant?

There is no waiting list for a private alarm service. Within two to five days of requesting the MePACS service, you will have your alarm unit installed. Installation takes less than one hour. MePACS can arrange urgent installations upon request.

Currently, there is a waiting list for the Personal Alert Victoria (PAV) alarm service, which is a government funded service.

What is a keylock? Why do I need one?

A keylock is a small secure metal box, fitted outside your home and used to store your house keys. The keylock requires a four-digit access code which will be recorded by MePACS. If emergency services are called to your home, they will be provided with the details of the keylock device.

If your nominated contact does not have a key to your home, it is recommended that you provide them with the code to the keylock.

MEPACS can provide you with a keylock when your alarm is installed or we can send one by post. Keylocks can also be purchased from your local hardware store.

What our customers say

Since having the MePACS mobile duress alarm, it has given me additional confidence & reassurance knowing if a situation was to arise when I am out in the field, assistance is only a touch of a button away. The device is lightweight and doesn’t hinder me in my day to day activities at work.

Sharon – Community Occupational Therapist Read more