25 Nov 21

What you need to know when applying for an NDIS MePACS Alarm  

MePACS Team | NDIS News & Info

For people living with chronic conditions and disabilities, MePACS provides the highest level of customer care in a professional and friendly manner, providing independence living and increased confidence to our clients. 

As a registered NDIS provider, the MePACS 24/7 response service can give your client and their families added peace of mind and reassurance to know help is on hand fast if needed. 

We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions from our NDIS community:


Do I need to get a quote or a letter from an OT to purchase a personal alarm with my NDIS funding? 


We can provide quotes for all of our alarm options, simply send through an email with your participants’ name, required alarm option and address to request this.  

Whilst it is sometimes a requirement of your plan manager to have a letter of support from your OT to fund a personal alarm, at MePACS we only require our online application form to be completed with all the information containing your funding details relating to your plan. 


What category are the funds taken from within my NDIS plan? 

Funding for personal alarms is available in both Core Support and Capital Support. This includes the cost of the monthly monitoring fee and equipment.  

Within your plan it needs to outline funds are required for Assistive Technology.  

The following codes should be used when allocating the funding from on the NDIA register:       

Core Supports: Item Number : 03_131_0103_1_1 

Capital Supports: Item Number : 05_222718261_0103_1_2 


Can I use low cost Assistive Technology? 


Yes, dependent on funding availability you can use the low-cost assistive technology to purchase a personal alarm.  

For NDIS clients a fully monitored personal alarm gives them the reassurance that they have the security of a 24/7 emergency response service, by trained professionals and answered within two minutes of alert activation. 


I have provided the alarm quote to the NDIS plan manager, what do I need to do now? 


Once a quote has been issued and shared they require an invoice to be generated to proceed. Once the Plan Manager has confirmed the funds are available in the plan, the personal alarm can be ordered – the next step is to complete the alarm application using the below link.  Once the order has been placed the MePACS Sales team will process the application and send out the alarm within 7 – 10 days.  The invoice will then be generated and sent to the plan manager directly on a monthly basis. 

Order a MePACS alarm here


My client has a Self-Managed fund or a NDIA managed fund, how do I organise this? 


You simply need to complete the MePACS online application form and include the Plan Number and Dates. There is a field to identify the funding option.  

For NDIA managed plans we can process the funds directly in the portal. For self-managed funds we organise the payment directly with the participant and then provide them with an invoice for them to claim the funds back from the NDIS. 


What wearable safety alarm options are there? 


MePACS is a national alarm provider in Australia with over 45,000 clients offering a range of personal safety alarms that are approved for NDIS Funding.  

MePACS offer a range of alarms that can be purchased with NDIS funding:

Home Alarm – The MePACS Home Alarm consists of a small device that sits in the home, combined with a wearable pendant designed to give you peace of mind both in your home and garden.  


Mobile Alarm - The MePACS Mobile is a small personal alarm that is roughly the size of a matchbox. It is designed to give you the ability to call for help when you’re outside of the home and in the community. With 4G, GPS and fall detection technology you can wear this around your neck or clipped to your waistband anywhere in Australia where there is mobile phone reception.

Watch Alarm – our MePACS Solo Watch is a stylish & discreet wearable device. The water resistant watch works both at home and outside of the home.  With added fall detection & GPS technology, this innovative alarm is ideal for those who like an active lifestyle. This device relies on strong Telstra mobile reception. 

There are also a range of alarm accessories available.

Do you have any questions? Please give us a call on 1800 685 329.  Order a MePACS alarm here