03 Aug 19

More Australians Are Seeking Future Care Advice Than Ever Before: Here’s Why

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing

As life expectancies increase on a global scale, the proportion of elderly people also grows. This means that the world’s population is effectively getting older – this trend is reflected in Australia too, where there are more than 3.8 million people currently aged over 65.

As an understanding and awareness of this fact continues to spread throughout the population, it’s little wonder that more people than ever before are attempting to plan their future care.

This has led to the emergence of Advance Care Planning Australia, a government-funded national authority that helps people to strategise and begin their advance care planning. The service is immensely popular and it’s fantastic to see that so many Australians are being responsible and planning for later life.

Wondering exactly how you should prepare for your advanced years? Here’s a closer look at some of the best future care advice to help you get started.

Envision Your Life

The first step is to really think about what you want your life to look like. Would you like to live with your family for as long as possible? Would a care home be on the cards quite early, or would you prefer to retain your independence for as long as possible?

Answering these key questions will give you a clearer idea of exactly what you need to achieve and what factors you will need to control. If you want to live in your own home, for example, you will be able to think about what adjustments will need to be made to both your routine and your living space.

Think about the future that will make you happiest and most independent. Modern medicine and trends means that elderly people have a better quality of living than ever before – you should make the most of it.

Execute Financial Planning

Now that you have a better idea of what you envision, you’ll be able to think about the financial goals that you will have to meet. What amount of money will you need to put away to seize success and live your life as happily as possible?

This will vary according to a huge range of factors, so you’ll want to really take the time to explore this in lots of depth. It might even make sense to speak with a financial advisor who will be able to show you the path forwards and how you can achieve your financial goals.

Prepare Physically

There are steps that you can take today that will improve your life as you get older. You should make sure to engage in regular exercise and focus on retaining a core level of flexibility and strength that will help you to live independently as you grow older.

You can also make changes to your diet and schedule that might seem unpleasant in the short-term, but they will pay dividends as you get older. Think about the type of life that you want to be living as an elderly person and the changes that you can make today to make that life more likely.

Prepare Mentally

As well as physical preparation, there’s a lot of mental preparation that you can do to make sure you enjoy your advanced years as much as possible. Every person should try to live an examined life and think about what it means to be an elderly person – if you meditate upon the positives, you’ll be able to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Being an elderly person also comes with its unique mental challenges. Many people find that the downtime and freedom lead to existential questions, loneliness and even boredom. You should cultivate hobbies and interests today that you will be able to enjoy later in life.

Look at Personal Alarm Providers

A big key to living independently is staying safe. Personal alarm systems empower elderly people to get the help they need as soon as they need it. This means that they can live confidently and happily, and that their loved ones can also rest assured that they are safe.

You should be sure to investigate the wide range of providers out there and plan appropriately to live the happiest and most independent life possible.