16 Aug 22

MePACS vs Autodialer Alarms – Which personal alarm prioritises your safety?

Louise Westaway | MePACS Products & Services

Do you or your family member need a personal alarm? It’s important to consider which type of alarm is the right choice. 

When it comes to personal alarms in Australia, there’s a range of products that can help you feel safer, more independent and provide emergency assistance when you need it. 

In this article, we compare the two main personal alarm options: generic autodialers – automated systems that call a list of pre-selected contacts; versus 24/7 monitored services – guaranteed to be answered by trained professionals such as MePACS. 

The choice is clear – a monitored personal alarm service responded to by trained professionals prioritises your personal health and safety. 

What is an autodialer alarm system? 

An autodialer, also known as a non-monitored personal alarm, is a wearable device that when activated, will automatically call a list of contacts until someone answers. This could be a dedicated device, or an app on your smartwatch or smart phone. You may be able to set this list up to have emergency services like Triple 0 as well as family and friends as your contacts. 

But if your family and friends aren’t available, who can you rely on? It just isn’t worth the risk to your safety, especially when you live alone and enjoy your independence. 

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How do autodialer personal alarms work? 

If the emergency button is pressed the alarm will ring each person listed for a limited number of rings before moving on to the next. It may also send a generic text to your contacts stating that you need help. However, autodialer alarm calls or text messages do not deliver specific event information or medical background to contacts or emergency services.  

If the first contact does not answer, it can typically call up to five contacts until someone picks up. If your contacts receive a call in the middle of the night, when they are at work or just not able to get to their phone, there is no guarantee they will respond quickly when you need help.  

Or if a contact’s voicemail picks up the call, the autodialer could be delayed in calling the next contact as it waits for the voicemail to disconnect. When time is of the essence, the autodialer process can become lengthy as you wait for someone to respond. 

Are autodialers a genuine alternative to monitored services?

Not really, no. They are two very different solutions, and comparing them is akin to comparing apples to fruit juice.

Autodialer medical alert systems may appear less expensive initially, but it can be a bit like a placebo. Will it deliver the care or peace of mind to protect your wellbeing and safety? If calls go unattended for too long, your contacts don’t know what to do in an emergency or you don’t have enough contacts willing to be on your autodialer, then it becomes a false economy. 

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Why do Australians choose MePACS, a monitored personal alarm system? 

There’s plenty of reasons why MePACS is the first choice for seniors, people living with disability, those with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions: 

  • We offer a guaranteed 24/7 response, any time of the day or night – so you never have to worry about no one answering your signal for help.
  • Our response team answer within two minutes to ensure your safety is prioritised.
  • We are trained in emergency response, so we can quickly assess the situation and call for help on your behalf.
  • We keep in contact with you until help has arrived, providing a reassuring, comforting voice at the end of the phone line – no one wants to feel alone when they are scared, ill or injured.
  • The MePACS response centre is based in Australia, so you know you are talking to a familiar voice.
  • We keep your medical details securely on file, so we can provide an individualised response tailored to your specific needs.
  • We share relevant emergency information with Triple Zero, so they prioritise your care needs appropriately.
  • We are focused on delivering our duty of care – placing people above profit and ensuring the right solution is provided to each individual.
  • There’s a range of monitored alarms available to suit your lifestyle and abilities, so you have the freedom of choice for a lightweight (25-28g) alarm to wear at home or out and about.
  • You can live independently with ultimate peace of mind, knowing that you can stay at home for longer with MePACS.

Unlike an autodialer, with our fully-monitored response service, you can rely on the right person responding quickly to your signal for help. It’s the personal alarm service that makes a genuine difference for your health and safety. 

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What is the difference between autodialer personal alarms and a monitored alarm? 

The below table highlights some of the key differences between MePACS and autodialer alarms.  

  MePACS  Autodialer personal alarms 
Answered by trained professionals in emergency response   Yes   No  
Guaranteed response every time   Yes   No  
Response time   Under 2 minutes   Automatic call sequence until answered or times out
Prioritised call to emergency services   Yes   No  
Relay specific information about the event to emergency services   Yes   No  
Offer a ‘daily call’ to check on clients   Yes   No  
Professional installation by technician available   Yes   No, it can only be self-installed  

MePACS is trusted by over 45,000 clients to help them feel safe and secure in their own home, knowing they have a 24/7 emergency response service at their fingertips. 

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