06 Jul 21

CHSP and how to apply for a government funded personal alarm

Sally Withers | Latest Industry News , MePACS News

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?


CHSP is a government program that supports older people who are still managing well at home, but want some extra assistance, such as home help, delivered meals, personal care or home maintenance. The service is subsidised by the government, with people using CHSP when they need low-level support. As their needs become greater, a Home Care Package may be required.  


What is the funding criteria / How do I apply for CHSP or HCP?


To be eligible for the CHSP program you either need to be: 

Aged 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) 


50 years or older (45 years or older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) and on a low income, homeless, or at risk of being homeless. 

To apply for CHSP funding, you need to contact the Government’s My Aged Care portal by phone 1800 200 422 or apply for an assessment here. 

If your needs are more complex, a Home Care Package could be better suited to you. 


Who is eligible for a home care package?

To be deemed eligible for a Home Care Package, you will need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team/Service (ACAT/S). 

An ACAT team includes doctors, nurses, social workers, or other health professionals who will meet with you to identify your care needs and discuss how well you are managing at home alone. 

After assessment, you will receive a letter about the types of services you have been approved for and contact details for organisations in your area that can deliver these services. 


What is the difference between Home Care Packages and CHSP?


  • CHSP is intended for seniors requiring 1 or 2 basic services, either in the short-term or on an ongoing basis. 
  • Home Care Packages (HCP) are for people who need more services. There are 4 tiers of package to meet varying levels of need: basic, low, intermediate or high. This means that a larger pool of funding is made available to the individual. 

 What CHSP & HCP Funding is not allowed to be used for:

  • Using the funds as a source of income 
  • Paying for rent, mortgage or purchasing a new property 
  • Additional home modifications or items that don’t contribute to your personal care needs 
  • Purchasing food or beverages 
  • Travel and accommodation for personal holidays 
  • Entertainment and gambling 
  • Services and items subsidised by the Medicare Benefits Schedule or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 


What types of services can you access with CHSP & HSP funding?

CHSP and HCP provides access to similar services. These include things like domestic assistance, allied health services, nursing, respite care, personal alarms, etc. 

A higher level of funding with HCP might mean that you use more services, more frequently. 

The CHSP offers a range of home and community care services including:

  • Domestic assistance – household jobs like cleaning and clothes washing 
  • Personal care – help with bathing or showering, dressing, hair care and going to the toilet 
  • Home maintenance – minor general repair and care of your house or yard, for example, changing light bulbs or replacing tap washers 
  • Nursing care – a qualified nurse comes to your home and may, for example, dress a wound or provide professional advice 
  • Allied health support services – such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, dietician etc. 
  • Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology – communication aids, support and mobility aids, personal monitoring technology like personal alarms.


Can I purchase a MePACS personal alarm with CHSP?

At MePACS, we believe all seniors should be supported to continue living independently and safely in their own home for longer. We have over 30 years’ experience in emergency response and have over 43,000 customers Australia wide. 

MePACS offers both Home & Mobile alarms, so you can be confident that you are safe both at home and out in the community. 

You’ll have two-way communication with the MePACS  response team 24/7 through the alarm speaker unit, you can be reassured that a ‘real person’ is there to help and comfort you and will call for assistance when you need us most, anytime day or night. 

 Features of the MePACS alarm service: 

  • Guaranteed Fast Response 24/7; Press the alarm and our response team will answer within 2-minutes 
  • Home and Mobile Alarms available; Feel safer in the comfort of home & garden or out in the community 
  • We keep in touch until help has arrived; Providing a reassuring, comforting voice at the end of the line 
  • Home alarm pendants are waterproof, so you can wear them in the shower, bath or garden. 
  • Works independently of the NBN so no need for a phone line
    With an e-SIM built into the speaker unit, our alarms can be used anywhere with sufficient mobile coverage in Australia 
  • Key lock safes available; Ensure that emergency services can access the property quickly and safely

For more information on having a MePACS alarm funded through your CHSP funding package call our friendly team on 1800 685 329 or visit now