13 Jan 21

Need help choosing the right MePACS Alarm for you?

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With a range of personal alarms to help you feel safe and secure, MePACS always ensures our clients are aware of the features of each device and remain confident in their choice to suit their needs and lifestyle.

Sometimes the decision is a tough one but having a visual comparison with all the information in one place can assist you in considering your options.

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Our team are happy to help find the right MePACS Personal Alarm for you and answer all questions relating to mobile reception where you live, mobility and lifestyle suitability and any government funding that you may be eligible for.

 MePACS Solo on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle and consider yourself tech-savvy?

Wearable, intuitive technology enables so many seniors and people living with disabilities to have the confidence to go out on their own and keep up their fitness routine.

Your security and independence are our priority, so the MePACS Solo watch was designed to be a revolutionary personal alarm with additional safety features – like automatic falls detection, heart rate monitoring and GPS technology – so you can live your best life with the peace of mind you deserve.

Val, Emmy and Simon all love the fact that the MePACS Solo isn’t just a personal alarm, but a device that fits perfectly into their daily lifestyles.

Have the confidence to do what you love, while MePACS watches out for your safety.

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MePACS Mobile Alarm

Do you love going out and about in your community or are usually a frequent traveller?

The MePACS mobile alarm is the perfect size and weight to be portable, whether you wear it for a short trip down to the shops or on holiday around Australia.

Worn on a safety lanyard around your neck or on a belt clip, the device has in-built GPS technology to determine your exact location in seconds, allowing the MePACS team to prioritise your signal for help with paramedics and significantly reduce the time it takes for them to arrive.

Beryl, Margaret and Father Bob Maguire all have mobile alarms to help them feel safer as enthusiastic volunteers in their local communities, with the guarantee that the MePACS emergency response service is there to help 24/7.

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MePACS Home Alarmmepacs base unit

Do you prefer the comfort of your own home, but need extra security while living alone?

The MePACS Home Alarm is our original safety companion, and its one-button design dates back to our early days over 30 years ago.

The convenient and easy-to-use device is connected to a home speaker unit that can sit anywhere in your home — we usually recommend a room that you’re most frequently in, like the bedroom or kitchen — and has a range of about 70 metres, so from your letterbox to the back fence.

Once you send a signal for help by pressing the button on the MePACS pendant, our professional response team will answer within 2 minutes and you’ll hear them from the home speaker unit. Through two-way communication, they can efficiently assess the emergency situation and call the most appropriate help you need, such as a family member, carer or ambulance.

Worn as a pendant around your neck or on a wrist band, many of our clients like Claire, Doreen and Clarice have said they appreciate how familiar and comfortable it feels to wear, just as if you were putting on a long necklace or watch. And since it is completely water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about taking it off in the shower either, so instant support from MePACS is always available.

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