10 Feb 21

Faces of MePACS: Client Services – Bree

MePACS Team | Faces of MePACS

Bree is a familiar face around MePACS – having worked in our 24/7 emergency response team for two years as a monitor and relief team leader, she is now a reliable and resilient member of our client services team; helping everyone who calls in to get the peace of mind they deserve.

What does a typical day involve for you?

“A typical day for me involves processing client applications that have come through from our Sales Team and liaising with different departments and contractors through the installation process.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“I really enjoy working with my team to ensure all our clients are well supported and able to continue living independently, knowing that we are just a press of an alarm away when they need assistance.”

Why did you choose to work at MePACS?

“Coming from a healthcare background, I chose to work at MePACS because of the strong focus on the welfare of vulnerable members of our community.

“I am very passionate and proud of the way we are able to support not only the client to continue living independently, but also the fact that we are able to provide reassurance to so many of their family members who may not live close to our clients, but know that they are well supported by us 24/7. During the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne last year, we were a vital source of support for so many seniors around Victoria.”

What has been a highlight or memorable moment in your role?

“A highlight would be nominating MePACS and our staff in the 2019 Hesta Aged Care awards. While none of us are here for awards and accolades, it was a nice way to recognise the valuable work we do in supporting our clients Australia wide and to show our fellow staff how appreciate we are of all of them and the work they put in to keeping all our clients safe.”

What is your career background?

“My professional background has been in healthcare for a long time. I worked as a Division 2 nurse for many years, mainly in theatres, but also casually on the wards. After I had my daughter in 2011, I moved into teaching first aid to Disability Support Workers, before starting at MePACS in 2017.”

Any quirky facts you can tell us about yourself?

“I took up flower gardening while working from home last year and I’m currently completing my Honours thesis in political history.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“I have spent the past 20 years volunteering for Life Saving Victoria, and have recently joined the committee of the Mornington RSL as the publicity officer to help support our veterans and to educate the public on the service provided by so many men and women in war and conflict.

I’m also an advocate for breast cancer awareness and enjoy travelling, good food, photography and spending time with my family.”