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18 Jan 22

Taking 10 years of service in her stride – Elle’s career journey at MePACS

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A decade of service at MePACS is certainly a cause for celebration.

Elle is a sensational sales consultant. When it comes to inbound inquiries, she’s a familiar voice on the phone; advising potential clients, family members, and health professionals on the features of our personal alarms and 24/7 emergency response service.

“The reason I enjoy working at MePACS is because our service is so essential, we’re helping people to remain independent in their home, prioritise their safety and ensure they receive the right help in a medical emergency. And in the sales team, we help make the first and most important decision – choosing the right personal alarm for their lifestyle or health condition.”

“When I first started at MePACS, I’d had enough of commuting to Melbourne but still wanted to remain in the medical industry and be able to help people in some way. The sales role was just perfect for me as it ticked all the boxes – I had my past experiences as a district nurse and pathology sales consultant, and it was so close to home on the Mornington Peninsula.”

A few thousand sales and stories along the way

Elle’s role in the sales team is dynamic. In one minute she may be guiding case managers through a personal alarm order for their home care client and listening to a senior’s 80+ years of life experience in the next.

“I love hearing people’s stories, especially from our senior clients who have so many life experiences to share and call in to say how thankful they are to have a monitored personal alarm. They say they don’t know where they would be without MePACS, especially if they had a fall and could be lying on the floor for hours without anyone knowing.”

“You can really develop an amazing connection over the phone at MePACS. One of my colleagues said I have such empathy for people when they tell me about their lives – and I think that’s important, we are here to make sure our clients are safe, but we are also here to listen and respect them.”

Elle has also worked in the 24/7 response team, client services, and took a secondment as a GP liaison at Peninsula Health for a year before returning to the sales team. Over the years, she’s seen plenty of positive changes to our personal alarms and the overall service.

“Seeing the way that MePACS has evolved over the past 10 years has been wonderful – not only have we grown in staff numbers, but our service expanded state-wide and then nationally. Now we have clients all over Australia who rely on the MePACS 24/7 emergency response team to live independently for longer, even if they are prone to falls or medical emergencies.”

 “I think introducing the Mobile Alarm and the Solo Watch Alarm in the last few years was a great change for MePACS, because our clients can take a personal alarm with them while they’re walking the dog, exercising, visiting friends or even going on holiday. Many of them have said it’s made such a positive impact in their lives, and they now feel more confident to go out and be active.”

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Keeping calm and carrying on through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Elle enjoys spending time with her young daughters and family (although most of them are across the ditch in New Zealand), making clay masterpieces in her pottery classes and travelling the world.

And when she isn’t powering through her extensive collection of books – what she calls her own mini library – she loves to go hiking with friends whenever she gets the chance.

Unfortunately, most of these passions were affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns , but it was during this time that the continuous care provided by MePACS really hit home.

“We had many families setting up our personal alarm service for their older relatives who they couldn’t visit and check up on. They were separated due to restrictions or border closures and so worried about their loved ones being alone for such a long time.”

“Their concern certainly resonated with me because I hadn’t seen my own mum in two years. But knowing they could rely on MePACS to check in with their elderly family member and make sure they were safe and received the right help was very reassuring.”

Thanks Elle, for your charismatic contributions to MePACS. And congratulations on a decade of long service!

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