09 Apr 24

Faces of MePACS – Mary B.

MePACS Team | Faces of MePACS

Meet Mary, our vibrant Administrative Assistant who can master any task with her unique blend of warmth and resourcefulness.

As Administrative Assistant to the MePACS Management Team, Mary’s combination of experience, knowledge, and interpersonal skills makes her an indispensable asset. With her efficiency and attention to detail, the team can confidently focus on driving the company forward, knowing that she is there to provide reliable support and assistance every step of the way.


Professional Background

Mary’s journey with MePACS began in 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Health Science Naturopathy. With a keen interest in health and wellness, Mary wanted to put her skills and knowledge to good use and stepped into a role as a MePACS Emergency Response Monitor, quickly winning hearts with her positive attitude and unwavering dedication.

She later transitioned into a role with the Client Services department, providing invaluable assistance and support to clients with her trademark friendliness and compassion. When the Admin Assistant role came up, Mary embraced the opportunity and leveraged her extensive knowledge and diverse skills to >excel in the role.



Mary’s desire to merge her passion for heath with a role that offered flexibility to raise her family has brought her to MePACS. Having joined our supportive team of caring individuals, she feels that she can make a positive contribution to the community while also achieving a work/life balance.

“My interest in health led me to MePACS. I’m dedicated to using my knowledge to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” says Mary.


A typical day in the office

As Administrative Assistant, Mary’s organisational prowess and knack for problem-solving is being put to good use every day. Whether it’s coordinating schedules, organising events, handling logistical arrangements or updating the intranet site, she approaches each task with a smile on her face and a can-do attitude that uplifts everyone around her.


Personal Life

Colourful lego display on desk Beyond her professional achievements, Mary finds joy in the simple moments of life. As a devoted mother to a young family, she cherishes their time together.

Whether it’s building Lego creations with her son or organising impromptu dance parties, Mary’s nurturing spirit and playful personality shine through in every interaction. 


A true inspiration

Mary embodies the true spirit of MePACS – dedicated, friendly, and endlessly resourceful. Her journey from Emergency Response Monitor to Administration Assistant is a testament to her commitment to personal growth and her passion for making a positive impact.

With her warm smile, boundless energy and genuine compassion, Mary continues to be a driving force behind our success, inspiring everyone in her path to make a difference and never stop smiling along the way.