Faces of MePACS - Meg


26 Jun 24

Faces of MePACS – Meg

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We are delighted to introduce Meg, one of our dedicated and accomplished Emergency Response Team Leaders. Here’s a glimpse into her journey, experiences and passions.


Early career and transition into healthcare

Growing up in Hobart, Meg was inspired by her artist mother, and initially leaned towards the arts but eventually chose to study social work. However, practical considerations led her to defer her social work degree and she began working full-time in at a pharmacy. “I started out as a pharmacy assistant and later trained as a dispensary technician,” Meg shared. Her love for the job grew, and she progressed into pharmacy management and HR roles.


From Tasmania to Melbourne: A career evolution

At the age of 30, Meg’s career took her from Tasmania to Melbourne, where she assisted Priceline with onboarding and opening new stores. Meeting her now husband and looking for a more flexible role opened Meg to new opportunities, and she joined MePACS as an emergency response monitor, then progressing to Team Leader.

Working with MePACS fit in with Meg’s healthcare background. “It’s at the heart of what I’ve always loved about working in pharmacy. I really derive a lot of job satisfaction when I can assist people”, says Meg.


The role of a Team Leader

As an emergency response team leader at MePACS, Meg is responsible for making sure everything is running smoothly during her 10-hour shifts. This can include following up on emergency events, assisting and mentoring team members, reporting, monitoring and more.

She finds the most fulfillment in client interactions. “I really enjoy the client interactions, particularly when they’re non-emergencies. I love having a chat with the clients”, she notes.

“One thing I know from working in pharmacy is how isolated a lot of people are. It might be the only conversation they have for the day, so it’s nice to be there for them.”

In an emergency on the hand, Meg shares that it’s important to have empathy but it’s also very important to be articulate and remain calm to provide clients with reassurance and support.

Leading the MePACS emergency response team cam comes with some challenges, as Meg candidly shared. “Sometimes it’s the outcomes, particularly with welfare checks,” she explained. Despite the difficulties, her role allows her to mentor and support her team, ensuring they deliver compassionate and effective care to clients.


Personal Life: Family, Dogs, and Travel

When not at work, Meg cherishes her time with her husband and their two loveable rescue greyhounds, Molly and Murray.

Her time is filled with activities ranging from brunches and concerts with friends to traveling. Her favourite destinations include Japan for its culture, Prague for its artistic charm, and Italy for its historical richness.

She also loves the footy and is a loyal Sydney Swans supporter.


Passion for art and animal rights

While she didn’t end up choosing a career in the arts, Meg still enjoys sketching and drawing, a passion she inherited from her mother.

Meg is also passionate about animal rights, stemming from her upbringing on her grandparents’ farms in Tasmania. She has actively volunteered with animal rescue organisations and has been a vegetarian since the age of 18.


True compassion

Meg’s journey from aspiring artist to dedicated Team Leader, Pharmacy Manager and advocate for animal rights is a testament to her innate compassion and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those around her.

Her story highlights the importance of following one’s passions and finding fulfillment through empathy in both personal and professional life.