08 Feb 22

Looking back over 30 years – Rob’s admirable commitment to MePACS

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As our longest-serving staff member, Rob was appointed as the first technician at MePACS in September 1989.

After 13 different models of alarm units, 45,000 clients and 30+ years of service, his knowledge and compassion are what make him such a valued member of staff. If you want to know anything about MePACS history, Rob is the person to call!

“We started off the first week with 30 alarms, and I was the only technician at the time. It was a small organisation then, but our client base has certainly grown and our alarms have been updated with modern technology.”

“My role in the workshop has really been the same over the years. We program and test the alarms to ensure clients receive a unit that is in working order, no matter what type of alarm or accessory they may have. We also repair technical issues, and our technicians visit some clients to professionally install their alarm for them. It’s just our duty of care.”

“Looking back, I knew I was going to be part of a great service that gave back to our community.”

Setting up the workshop for a successful service

Rob was an electrician at Peninsula Health before he applied for a technician role in the MePACS department.

Not only did he apply for the role because it required his technical skills, but he wanted to contribute to a personal alarm service that was “humanised” and focused on individual needs.

“I used to be an electrician, so I’ve always enjoyed solving technical problems and generally working with my hands. Working for a service that prioritises health and safety is also rewarding, because our alarms are providing clients and their families with peace of mind and security.”

“I think MePACS has been successful for 30 years because all the departments work towards a common goal of providing a reliable, professional essential service. In a way, it’s about thinking of clients like a family member – you would only want to provide the best care that you can, and ensure their well-being and independence for the future.”

“They deserve the freedom to go about their daily lives without worrying about frequent medical emergencies.”

Working towards the future of personal alarms

“I have been fortunate to see significant changes over time for the organisation, including the introduction of mobile personal alarm products – like the Mobile Alarm and Solo Watch – and the expansion of our service to every state and territory in Australia.”

“It’s amazing what has been achieved so far through collaboration and commitment.”

Every morning, you can find Rob tinkering away in the workshop. But in his spare time, he’s clocking up kilometres in open water swim series, reading fiction and enjoying the lifestyle down the Mornington Peninsula.

“I’m like the local handyman – when my friends and family need something fixed, they call on me to help figure it out. And if they can’t get a hold of me, they know I’m most likely down the beach with a good book or swimming between the posts.”

Thank you Rob!  We are so grateful for your contribution to making MePACS the trusted personal alarm service that it is today.

*Feature image was taken with no other persons in the workshop.

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