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Keeping clients safe since 1989

At MePACS, we are dedicated to partnering with health care providers to enhance the safety and wellbeing of your clients. Our monitored personal alarms and 24/7 emergency response service offer a reliable solution that delivers a high level of care and peace of mind for both clients and their families. 

Duty of Care

We genuinely value duty of care and human connection. With a focus on prompt responses and effective communication, we ensure that every client receives the assistance and reassurance they need. Our duty of care extends beyond the technology we provide – it encompasses the empathy, professionalism, and commitment to safety that is at the heart of our service.

Placing people over profits

Founded in 1989, MePACS has over 30 years’ experience in Australian Healthcare.
As a division of Peninsula Health, a public health service based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, our profits are reinvested into the public health network, rather than benefiting private shareholders.


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Mepacs response centre operator

The benefits of monitored alarms

Monitored alarms offer several key benefits over self-monitored or auto-dial alarms to provide faster response and a higher level of safety:

  • With monitored alarms, there is a dedicated team of professionals ready to respond, even in the middle of the night. Family or friends on the other hand, are not always available to respond.
  • Trained emergency responders know exactly what to do in any situation, and can act fast. Family and friends may not know what information to provide to the ambulance service or can make errors.
  • Unintentional button presses or false alarms can become stressful or worrisome for loved ones.
  • A monitored service keeps your relevant health data and medical history in the system. When needed, it can be provided to emergency services so that they can prioritise the call and tailor their response.
MePACS home, mobile and Solo Connect alarms

Choosing the right alarm for your clients

Key considerations when selecting an alarm:

01. Client’s Abilities:
The client must be able to activate the alarm safely and easily. Take into consideration medical conditions, dexterity limitations, vision impairment, cognitive ability etc.
Please note:  The Solo Watch is not suitable for clients with low vision, limited dexterity, or discomfort using a touchscreen interface.

Alarm Types:
The alarm should support the client’s daily activities and lifestyle, i.e. the mobile and watch alarms are for people who are active and social outside the home.

Mobile Coverage:
The Solo Watch requires a strong mobile signal to work properly. Ideally, clients should live within 1km of a Telstra tower. As an indication, your client should have 3-5 bars on their mobile phone when they’re at home. You can check also their address here.

Charging time:
The Solo watch and Mobile Alarm have a limited battery life and need to be charged daily. The Solo watch battery lasts 10-12 hours and the Mobile alarm around 24-30 hours. To reduce risks during charging times we advise adding the MePACS home alarm.

Adding accessories:
Clients with increased risk of falls, limited dexterity or vision impairment, can use accessories to activate the alarm with independence and safety. 

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