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HCP approved provider for monitored personal alarms

At MePACS, we are dedicated to partnering with HCP providers to enhance the safety and wellbeing of your clients. Our monitored personal alarms and 24/7 emergency response service offer a reliable solution that delivers a high level of care and peace of mind for both clients and their families. 

Duty of Care

At MePACS, we genuinely value duty of care and human connection. With a focus on prompt responses and effective communication, we ensure that every client receives the assistance and reassurance they need. Our duty of care extends beyond the technology we provide – it encompasses the empathy, professionalism, and commitment to safety that is at the heart of our service.

Placing people over profits

Founded in 1989, MePACS has over 30 years’ experience in Australian Healthcare.
As a division of Peninsula Health, a public health service based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, our profits are reinvested into the public health network, rather than benefiting private shareholders.

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Home Care Providers

HCP application process


01. Submit application form:

To place an order please complete our Online Application Form. To make the process more efficient, please make sure you fill in all the details accurately.
Go to online application form → 

If you can’t submit an online form, please download our HCP Funding Authorisation Form and email it to mepacssale@mepacs.com.au.
Download HCP Funding Authorisation Form →

If there are any accessories that you wish to order and are not included on the form, please use the ‘Additional Information’ field to specify your requirements.

02. Order processing

Our sales team will contact your client to verify their details and nominated contacts. We will also conduct a brief assessment to understand their specific needs. This is part of our duty of care and helps us ensure they will be equipped with a suitable alarm.

03. Device setup & dispatch:

Once the order is processed our workshop team with set up the alarm and dispatch it using Express post. Please contact us is you require the tracking reference.

04. Installation:

We offer 2 installation options:

  • Tech install: Conducted on the premises by an approved technician. The technician will contact the client to arrange a suitable time.
  • Self-install: Done over the phone with a MePACS technician and takes 15-20 minutes. We recommend having a family member, friend or healthcare professional to help with the installation. View Self-Installation Guide →

You will receive confirmation once the installation is completed.

Download Funding Authorisation Form

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MePACS home, mobile and Solo Connect alarms

Choosing the right alarm for your clients

Key considerations when selecting an alarm:

01. Client’s Abilities:
The client must be able to activate the alarm safely and easily. Take into consideration medical conditions, dexterity limitations, vision impairment, cognitive ability etc.
Please note:  The Solo Watch is not suitable for clients with low vision, limited dexterity, or discomfort using a touchscreen interface.

Alarm Types:
The alarm should support the client’s daily activities and lifestyle, i.e. the mobile and watch alarms are for people who are active and social outside the home.

Cellular Network Coverage:
The Solo Watch requires a strong mobile signal to work properly. Ideally, clients should live within 1km of a Telstra tower. As an indication, your client should have 3-5 bars on their mobile phone when they’re at home. You can check also their address here.

Charging Time:
The Solo watch and Mobile Alarm have a limited battery life and need to be charged daily. The Solo watch battery lasts 10-12 hours and the Mobile alarm around 24-30 hours. To reduce risks during charging times we advise adding the MePACS home alarm.

Adding Accessories:
Clients with increased risk of falls, limited dexterity or vision impairment, can use accessories to activate the alarm with independence and safety. 

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The benefits of monitored alarms

Monitored alarms offer several key benefits over self-monitored or auto-dial alarms to provide faster response and a higher level of safety:

  • With monitored alarms, there is a dedicated team of professionals ready to respond, even in the middle of the night. Family or friends on the other hand, are not always available to respond.
  • Trained emergency responders know exactly what to do in any situation, and can act fast. Family and friends may not know what information to provide to the ambulance service or can make errors.
  • Unintentional button presses or false alarms can become stressful or worrisome for loved ones.
  • A monitored service keeps your relevant health data and medical history in the system. When needed, it can be provided to emergency services so that they can prioritise the call and tailor their response.

Monitored Vs. Auto-Dial Alarms Comparison


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Adding a Mobile Alarm

For clients who already have a MePACS Home Alarm and want safety on the go, we recommend adding a MePACS Mobile Alarm. The alarm includes a 4G SIM and works anywhere in Australia where there’s good mobile phone coverage. Small and lightweight, the Mobile Alarm features falls detection, GPS, 2-way direct voice communications, and low battery alerts.

Mobile Alarm Pricing:

Mobile Alarm Cost:  $385 + $29 Postage (incl. GST)
Monitoring Cost:  $12 per month (incl. GST)

Please note:
The monitoring cost is in addition to the monthly monitoring fee for the home alarm.


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How to cancel an alarm service on behalf of a client

Canceling an alarm service for your client must be handled with care and consideration in order to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the client and their family. 

To ensure the cancellation is carried out with diligence and professionalism please provide the following details:

  • Client full name
  • Client’s address
  • Client’s DOB
  • Reason for the cancellation
  • Is there someone else within the residence that may require the service (i.e. spouse).

We will confirm the details with the client or one of their emergency contacts and let you know once the cancellation has been actioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the client need a landline for a personal alarm? 

MePACS alarms work independently on the 4G mobile network, so there’s no need for a landline, the internet or the NBN.

What happens in a power outage?

The home alarm base unit has a backup battery that lasts around 40 hours so the alarm will continue to work.
If the power has been out for over 3 hours, the alarm will send a signal to the MePACS response centre who will monitor the situation and provide support to the client as needed.

Do MePACS personal alarms come with a warranty?

The mobile alarm and Solo watch come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The home alarm is the property of MePACS so any faults or issues will be repaired by our tech team.

Can the personal alarm be used when a client travels interstate?

The mobile alarm and the Solo watch work anywhere in Australia where there’s a good mobile phone signal, so the client can use them when travelling or visiting relatives. The home alarm should not be moved without first consulting with MePACS.

What happens if the client presses the button accidentally?

We don’t mind an accidental button press. Our monitors will reassure the client and explain that we’re just happy to know that they’re okay.

What if the client has changed their mind about the mobile alarm or Solo watch?

The mobile alarm and Solo watch can be returned in the original packaging for a refund within 14 days of purchase.

What's involved in a self-installation?

Self-installation doesn’t require any technical skills. It includes setting up and activating the base unit and testing the signal and range for the alarm system. For more information, please refer to our Self Installation Guide for HCP Providers.


Our Partners

We are dedicated to forming strategic partnerships with home care providers, hospitals, clinics, GP’s and OT’s to ensure the safety and wellbeing of clients who receive care at home.
These are some of the organisations we work with:

We greatly appreciate the responsive and innovative service provided by MePACs. The ongoing monitoring service provides a great sense of security for our clients and carers alike, which promotes independence for clients who live alone. The MePACS response team are very friendly and supportive, and it is reassuring to speak to a real person when the alarm is activated.
Gippsland Lakes Community Health
TTHA at Home has been working with MePACS for many years now. We are very satisfied with the service provided to our clients and have peace of mind in knowing that our clients have access to medical attention 24/7.
Tabulam & Templer



Home Care Provider Application

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To order online please complete the form below and we will be in touch within 1-3 business days.
To order over the phone please contact contact our Sales Team on 1800 685 329.