29 Apr 21

What Home Care Providers need to consider when selecting a personal alarm for their client

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As a Home Care Provider, it is your responsibility to provide & give your clients the best care possible, give them choice and guidance to what services and products best support their needs to live safely in their own home and when it comes to selecting the best personal alarm this is no exception.

A personal alarm can help keep seniors living independently in their own home, providing them and their family with the peace of mind that if they should they need assistance, help is only the press of a button away.

If they have a fall by getting help quickly, a client has a significantly higher chance of getting back on their feet in no time. And if they did need to go to hospital, a much quicker recovery.

When suggesting a personal alarm provider to your client these are features a good alarm service should have to keep your clients safe;

24/7 Monitored Alarm Response Service

Although some may consider it convenient, auto-dialler personal alarms automatically text and call a list of pre-determined contacts when the alarm is activated, even if it is accidentally. If the first contact does not answer, the alarm can call up to five contacts until someone picks up. This can obviously take up vital time and relies on someone being available to help at that exact

A monitored 24/7 service like MePACS provides clients and their loved ones with reassurance that emergencies are answered by real people who can only perform such a coordinated yet personalised response in times of need. Our trained professional team can assess the emergency situation and triage the right help needed FAST, our team will also stay on the phone until help has arrived which provides reassurance and peace of mind required in that time of need.

mepacs home and mobile unit

MePACS home and mobile personal alarm units. The home pendants can be worn either on the wrist or on a neck chain.




An emergency response service also relieves the pressure that family members can sometimes experience, as it provides peace of mind and reassurance. In the same way, many family members feel that they need to constantly check-in on their loved ones, but with the MePACS emergency response service you can feel as ease knowing that our trained team are on hand 24/7.

The below table highlights some of the key differences between MePACS and Non-Monitored Personal Alarms


MePACS Non-monitored Alarms
Answered by trained professionals in emergency response Yes No
Guaranteed response every time Yes No
Response time Under 2 minutes automatic call sequence until someone answers
Prioritise call to emergency services Yes No
Relay specific information about the event to emergency services Yes No
Emergency response centre based in Australia Yes No
Offer a ‘daily call’ to check on clients Yes No
Mobile alarms that can be taken out and about or on holiday in Australia   Yes Yes
Professional installation by technician available   Yes No, it can only be self-installed


Mobile Personal Alarms Available


MePACS also offers mobile alarms, these can be worn when you’re out and about, whether it be going for a walk, going to the shops or on holiday anywhere in Australia – as long as there is mobile coverage. An additional feature of our MePACS Mobile personal alarm device is that it can automatically detect if the wearer has a fall and can send a call for help to our 24/7 response team. MePACS range of personal alarms provides our clients with reassurance that they have constant and reliable care 24/7 anytime day or night.

alarm personal mepacs safety elderly

MePACS Mobile Alarm


Quick and Simple Alarm Activation


What is the use of a personal alarm if it is not quick and simple to use? With a one button activation, MePACS Personal Alarms are that they are quick and simple for our clients to use, which is so important in an emergency situation. With one sharp press of the emergency button on both our home and mobile devices sends a signal to our trained response team who are based in Australia.

Our safety home pendants can be worn either on the neck or on the wrist, while the mobile device can be worn around the neck or on a handy belt clip. Both devices encompass a two-way communication with the home base unit and mobile alarm, so there is no need to reach for a phone especially when time is of the essence during an emergency situation, which sometimes can be the case when accessing safety applications on a mobile phone or tablet.

Easy Ordering and Durable Emergency device


Our MePACS alarms are durable and discreet devices. Our home alarm pendants are fully waterproof which is so important, as the shower and bathroom is where most falls occur. Our mobile alarms are splash proof which allows are clients confidence that the alarms are a resilient and durable device and weighing as little as 58 grams it’s a compact and lightweight travel companion.

The added beauty with our devices is that they work independently of the NBN with no phone line required. Our alarms can be set-up with the assistance of a professional installer (at a small added once off cost) or the relatively easy self-installation option is available. This allows for either the client themselves a family member or a Case Manager themselves to install the MePACS alarm in the clients home.


Credible & Trusted National Alarm Service


MePACS has over 43,000 members nationwide and we have been operating for over 30 years.

We are a trusted 5-star, national service backed by an Australian Public Health provider and our profits are reinvested into the healthcare system and aged care research, ensuring that the health and wellbeing of our clients can be prioritised in the community.

As part of a public health provider, we are stringently governed which means we must adhere to the highest possible standards, which ensures our clients are equipped with the best products that are most suitable to them.

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