29 Jan 24

Honouring Rob: Celebrating 41 Years of Dedication and Service

MePACS Team | Faces of MePACS

After an extraordinary career spanning four decades, Rob McCartney has retired, marking the end of an era as he hangs up his blue overalls and completes his final Home Alarm test.

Rob’s journey began in 1982 when he joined Peninsula Health as an electrician. His dedication and skill led him to transfer to MePACS in 1989, where he became an invaluable member of the workshop team, leaving an indelible mark until his last day.

Throughout his tenure, Rob’s technical expertise played a crucial role in shaping MePACS. From its early days at the Mt Eliza Centre to pioneering the first MePACS database, Rob’s commitment to excellence helped lay the foundation for the reliability and innovation that define MePACS today.

But it wasn’t just about the work for Rob; it was the people. He cherished the camaraderie of his colleagues.

“When you find a good job with good people, you don’t want to leave.”

As Rob bids farewell, his legacy is celebrated by past and present colleagues, alongside Felicity Topp and Michelle McDade, the General Manager of MePACS. Together, they honoured Rob’s dedication with a heartfelt gathering, complete with a giant cake and warm wishes for the journey ahead.

Now, Rob sets his sights on new horizons, planning to travel Australia, reconnecting with old friends, and undoubtedly forging new connections along the way.

As we reflect on Rob’s remarkable contributions, we extend our deepest gratitude for his years of exceptional service, loyalty, and unwavering dedication to MePACS and Peninsula Health.

Please join us in thanking Rob for his tireless commitment and wishing him all the best as he embarks on this well-deserved new chapter in life.