19 Mar 20

MePACS responds to COVID-19

MePACS Team | News & Updates

We wanted to provide an update on COVID-19 and how MePACS are responding to this ongoing situation.

To ensure the smooth running of the MePACS service and continuing support of our clients, we will be managing our teams from different sites to reduce the risk of exposure. MePACS also operates in shift patterns to ensure coverage of the 24/7 service is maintained for our clients.

As we are part of a public health service, all staff adhere to a high level of hand hygiene and infection control and as such all employees must conduct mandatory training annually. This is standard practice and has been further increased in the current situation.

Upon receipt, all equipment is fully cleaned and disinfected before shipping to clients.

Peninsula Health / MePACS have cancelled all business travel plans and are discouraging international travel for staff personal reasons. Any staff member that returns from an international trip will be subject to the 14-day quarantine period.

When making appointments, we are asking clients COVID-19 screening questions to reduce the risk to our staff. Please ensure you are taking preventative measures to help reduce the risk of transmission.

We are also asking our clients to reduce the amount of socialising they are doing in the community so as to reduce the risk that they may acquire the virus.

Any contacts/carers that visit their loved ones, we ask that you follow a high level of hand hygiene practice if visiting face–to-face. Check in regularly to ensure they have sufficient supplies of food and medicines and refrain from visiting if you have recently returned from an International trip, or feel unwell.