MePACS Solo Guide

How does the MePACS Solo work?

Your safety is our priority and you need to be able to raise the alerts correctly in the event of an accident or feeling unwell.

To use the MePACS Solo Watch you should be comfortable with and able to use mobile phone touch screen technology. Make sure you practice raising an alert as soon as you receive the watch.

Raising Alerts to MePACS

There are three ways that you can raise an alert to MePACS:

  1. One tap on the ‘alert icon’ on the watch face
  2. A double tap of the Power/Home key, located on the lower right hand side
  3. Automatic alert through fall detection

Please ensure you have enough dexterity in your fingers to activate the watch with the Power/Home Key or Alert Icon.

If you have dexterity issues we do have other alarms that may be more suitable for you.

Automatically Activated Alert – Fall Detection

If you take a significant fall, your MePACS Solo watch will detect this and ask if you are okay.

If you have not responded to this message within 10 seconds, an automatic alert will be sent to MePACS 24/7 emergency response team.


Once an alert has been raised the following screens will show on the watch.

Alert Call Backs from MePACS

After MePACS have received your alert, they will contact you via a call to your watch. Your watch will automatically answer this call and you will be able to communicate with the MePACS response centre through the watch speaker and microphone. We will ask you what help you require and stay in contact with you until help arrives.

As soon as you receive your watch, you will need to call us to activate it.  Please read the instruction booklet and ensure the watch is charged every evening or during quiet times when you are sitting down.