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Keeping you safer out and about

24/7 Response Mobile Alarm with Automatic Fall Detection

The MePACS Mobile is a simple and effective personal alarm that is designed to keep you safe when you are out shopping, walking, meeting friends or even on holiday in Australia. Giving you and your family peace of mind that help is only the press of one button away, both at home and away.

It’s the same guaranteed 24/7 service from the MePACS trained professionals.

You raise the alert and we’ll respond via the mobile alarm within 2 minutes. We will contact you via the alarm to understand the situation and then organise the right help to you quickly.

You need to purchase the Mobile alarm with the Home alarm to ensure you are safe both at home and away.

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Why should I buy the MePACS Mobile Alarm?

  • Guaranteed 24/7 emergency response by trained professionals
  • Fall Detection with automatic alerts sent to MePACS
  • Raise alerts with a simple press of the alarm
  • 4G alarm with GPS
  • Two-way communication with MePACS team
  • Splash-proof and lightweight – 58gms
  • Mobile Alarm Dimensions: 65mm (h) x 40mm (w) x 20mm (d)
  • Visual and audible battery indicators
  • Visual mobile reception indicators
  • Uses a SIM card, so no need to connect a phone
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A Personal Alarm for an Active Lifestyle

You need to purchase the Mobile alarm with the Home alarm for your safety or can upgrade if you currently have a home alarm.

Home and Mobile Package

  • Response Service $51 per month
  • Plus $385 one-off fee for mobile alarm (inc GST)
  • Installation (Professional $140 / Self Installation one product $29 / two products $39)

The MePACS Mobile Alarm can be worn around your neck, kept in your pocket or clipped to your pants – so it’s the ideal safety companion for out and about.

The device includes in-built falls detection, with an automatic alert sent to the MePACS team and a GPS locator so we know where to send help to you fast. We’ll also keep in contact with you until help arrives, giving you that extra reassurance.

As an existing MePACS client, add our Mobile Alarm to your Home Response Service for $385  one off and an only an additional $12 per month.

Terms & Conditions: The MePACS mobile unit relies on the Mobile Phone network. In areas where there is no mobile like underground car parks, mountainous and rural areas the MePACS alarm will not work. *Refers to private client pricing only. For NDIS & HCP pricing please refer to the relevant pricing structure or contact MePACS account manager.

What our clients say

My MePACS Mobile Alarm Saved My Life

Judith was in the backyard of her five and half acre property in the Yarra Valley, when all of a sudden she lost her footing and fell to the ground. “I couldn’t move or get up. I am so glad I had my MePACS mobile alarm on me”. recalled Judith.  “I had dislocated my shoulder and broken my arm”

Judith lives alone, so nobody knew she was seriously injured. “If I didn’t have my MePACS alarm, it may have been up to 24 or even 36 hours until someone may have found me, I definitely believe that MePACS saved my life.”

Judith, Victoria.

"I live on a large property and was in my paddocks when I had a heart attack. If it wasn't for my MePACS Mobile Alarm I wouldn't be here today."
"I now feel safe & more secure when I leave the home. I now feel like I can go out down the road to meet my friends for coffee & walking in the park."
"Before I got the MePACS mobile alarm I used to feel uneasy when I was going out, now I feel secure and quite confident. It has done marvels for my family."
"I definitely believe MePACS saved my life - If I didn't have my MePACS mobile alarm on me when I fell, it may have been days until someone had realised something was wrong!"
"If I didn't have the MePACS Mobile Alarm I don't think I would feel as secure going outside the home. It's peace of mind & security."