07 Oct 21

National Carers Week: MePACS Shares our Gratitude for Carers

MePACS Team | News & Updates

What would we do without someone to care for us?

No matter what age or relationship, having someone committed to providing essential care to you is an incredible gesture of support and selflessness.

National Carers Week recognises and celebrates 2.65 million carers in Australia who make significant contributions to their families and community.

It also provides an opportunity to discuss and raise awareness about the diverse roles of carers and how they help many seniors, people living with disabilities and those with chronic conditions or compressed immunity to live the best quality of life possible.

At MePACS, we want to thank the thousands of Australians who care for our clients in myriad ways – as a family member, friend, home care provider, NDIS support coordinator or even as their first emergency contact.

Their unwavering dedication, respect and compassion does not go unnoticed.

What does a carer do?

People can become carers through their profession, over time as a person’s health deteriorates or quite suddenly after a medical emergency or injury.

Carers monitor overall health and well-being, ensure personal safety and help the person they care for stay independent as long as possible. They also provide encouragement, entertainment and companionship.

Some carers may take on a nursing role, where they provide 24-hour assistance to a family member with high care needs, such as a disability or age-related illness. They ensure their needs are met in regards to medical care, cleaning, cooking, hygiene and other everyday necessities.

Other carers assist people who are quite self-reliant but may need help or guidance with banking, shopping, housework or getting to and from appointments.

Although being a carer for a family or friend is generally unpaid, we also want to share our gratitude for those who provide care professionally as well.

For our clients with home care packages, MePACS assists their carer to choose a personal alarm most suitable to their lifestyle.

For our clients who are NDIS participants, MePACS works together with their support coordinators to ensure their safety and independence are prioritised.

How does MePACS help carers?

Caring for someone provides many rewards, including personal growth, improving skills and strengthening the relationship with the person being cared for.

While some carers want to give 24/7 care and support, this isn’t always possible.

MePACS gives carers the peace of mind that they deserve with our range of home, mobile and watch alarms – relieving the stress of worrying about their loved one being safe and comfortable when they aren’t there.


Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, our client Jess feels safer at home and away with MePACS. ndis-testimonial-client

“I decided to take up a MePACS personal alarm because I wanted to live by myself and still feel reassured that I could signal for help in a medical emergency. I think because I was moving out for the first time, it was really important to know I had support from MePACS 24/7.”

Jess is an actress, writer and model from Melbourne. At home on the stage, she is also a passionate disability advocate who enjoys speaking about her lived experiences as someone who has a disability to educate and engage others.

“I would definitely recommend MePACS to others, especially people like myself. Young people living with disabilities want to have as much freedom and choice as we can, so having funded support means that I didn’t have to worry about finances either.”


Michael agrees MePACS provides his mum with the expedient response she needs when she is unwell.

Just before Christmas 2017, the quick actions of the MePACS response team saved Grace from major surgery.

“I’m so grateful for the MePACS service to get help to my mum so quickly. Having the MePACS alarm gives me so much more peace of mind that mum is safe and I don’t have to worry,” said Michael.

“The staff are always very helpful and friendly and take a genuine interest in their clients’ welfare. It’s a great service to have and worth every dollar.”


Karen’s mum Shirley is also thankful for the personal touch of knowing there is always someone to respond from MePACS.Blog karendawson

“Several years ago, we decided to buy the Care Alert autodialler alarm for mum, but as time went on she was depending upon us more and more to respond to her calls for help.

I became increasing concerned for her safety as I couldn’t always be there when she needed me.

MePACS gives me peace of mind in knowing someone is always there to respond to mum’s signal for help within 2 minutes.

We are so thankful that we can rely on the MePACS team now to keep mum safer and living independently in her own home.”

Give your loved ones the independence they deserve with a MePACS personal alarm. For more information on our service, please call our team on 1800 685 329 or visit our website.