"The MePACS Solo will help my clients retain their independence." - Emilie, NDIS Consultant - MePACS


02 Nov 20

“The MePACS Solo will help my clients retain their independence.” – Emilie, NDIS Consultant

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Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme can sometimes be a challenging experience without the insight and guidance of a professional consultant.

Emilie Bidaine is an independent NDIS consultant with her own advisory business, Lily Avenue. In this role, she manages a variety of consultations and research projects in one-to-one and community workshop settings, often collaborating with others working in the disability support sector.

She recently assisted a client to purchase the new MePACS Solo, a revolutionary personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy watch.

“My clients are often young adults with conditions that may cause falls, sudden confused states or impaired speech, among other things. You can imagine this causes a huge amount of anxiety for them and their families about what to do if they are alone when something happens.

The MePACS Solo helps my clients retain independence because they know it’s a reliable service which responds very quickly in an emergency.”

For NDIS participants who may be in a rehabilitation program, attend physiotherapy or are generally aiming to improve their muscle mass and coordination, the MePACS Solo can also be a useful fitness companion to track your steps and heart rate.

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Aside from these health metrics, Emilie’s clients generally want a personal alarm that is stylish, discreet, and connected to a monitoring service.

“The MePACS Solo watch just fits the bill for my young clients, because they can wear it wherever they want and know that they have someone to look out for their safety 24/7. It is a significant stress for a young person living with a disability to go out on their own thinking they might have a fall. At the same time, they don’t want to wear something which is a glaringly obvious sign of their disability.

Before getting the Solo watch, a family member will usually stay nearby if they go out with friends, just in case something happens. With the watch, close family members, friends and neighbours can be listed as emergency contacts with MePACS, and the watch has automatic falls detection and GPS which is just such a relief for everyone involved.”

Emilie goes above and beyond for her clients. When it comes to ensuring safety and security, she knew MePACS would provide modern and reliable personal alarms to suit their needs.

“The MePACS service has been quite impressive so far, and it’s great that the personal alarms can be funded through the NDIS as an affordable and accessible support.”

“The application was very straightforward and so easy to do online, and when I had questions regarding the operator response, battery lifespan and actions if my client is unable to answer the operator or articulate the emergency, each was answered promptly and with thorough understanding.”

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Specialising in all things NDIS, Emilie works with individuals, their families, and friends to help them navigate the Scheme with up-to-date information and quality referrals – such as for an approved NDIS provider like MePACS.

“MePACS has excellent customer service and a quick response time, which is ideal for NDIS participants. The reason most of them need a personal alarm usually implies a level of urgency as it is a means to help with their disability, so the fact that the MePACS team can act efficiently and be so well-organised really shows their professionalism.

What impressed me the most was their understanding of the impact of disability on a person and their family, and the application of their knowledge in the NDIS landscape. It is reassuring to have someone from the MePACS team to talk to when client circumstances are so fragile.”

Emilie makes the process of connecting with support organisations much easier for her clients. Like MePACS, her consulting brings the human touch to specialised care and support.

“MePACS has such a positive impact on hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives and this in turn affects their family and friends for the better. Having an operator on hand gives so many people the freedom they deserve.”

Leon and Simon are also NDIS participants and use their funding for MePACS. For more information on our service for NDIS participants, visit our official page, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now