08 Nov 21

Emergency Watch For Elderly: NEW Revolutionary Personal Alarm Watch for Seniors

Alayna Hansen | Latest Industry News , MePACS News , Product Tips

Can you imagine having the safety and security of a MePACS personal alarm, with the convenience and style of a Samsung Galaxy watch?

We are proud to launch the anticipated MePACS Solo, a personal alarm watch that can monitor your health, track your steps and send a signal for help to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service, anywhere in Australia.

The MePACS Solo Watch comes in rose gold or black, with an adjustable leather wrist band for comfort and style.

With its familiar place on your wrist, you and your family will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is available at any time of the day or night, in any location.

A personal alarm watch is ideal for anyone who wants to continue living in their own home and maintaining an active lifestyle. A MePACS Solo Watch could be the key to your independence, with GPS technology and a direct connection to MePACS to keep you safe out and about.

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Why should I buy a Personal Alarm Watch?

The MePACS Solo Watch has all the best features of our personal and mobile alarms in one:

Guaranteed 24/7 emergency response

  • Auto dialler alarms only call from a list of pre-selected contacts, and you have to hope that someone is available to answer your signal for help. With this personal alarm watch, your signal for help is guaranteed to be answered by a trained professional from our 24/7 emergency response service. Our team are here to answer your alert at any hour of the day or night, all year round – even on public holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Fall Detection with automatic alerts sent to MePACS

  • This feature on the MePACS personal alarm watch provides the wearer with complete peace of mind should they be prone to falls or fainting. This personal alarm watch can detect a dramatic shift in height and a hard impact to the ground. If you are unconscious or unable to physically signal for help when you fall, the personal alarm watch will automatically call the MePACS emergency response team.
  • Not all falls will activate the pendant. The sensors will only be triggered in the event of a significant fall, from approximately waist height. If someone braces themselves, the fall is broken by a chair or object, they slump or roll to the floor it may not be activated automatically. The pendant can still be activated manually by pressing the help button in these circumstances.

Completely water-resistant, so you can wear it in the bath, shower, spa or swimming pool

  • Wash the dishes, have a bath, do underwater aerobics or swim laps at your local swimming pool – these are all activities you can do while wearing the MePACS personal alarm watch securely on your wrist. With the movable but sturdy wristband, this personal alarm watch won’t become loose or fall off at all, and you can continue to be active and independent with the peace of mind that help is readily available from the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service.

Signal for help with a tap of the watch face

  • Our MePACS personal and mobile alarms each have a button that you can press to send a signal for help to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service. With the MePACS personal alarm watch, all you have to do is tap the alert icon on the watch face once with the pad of your finger, or double tap the ‘help button’ on the lower right-hand side. If you tap the alert icon accidentally, you don’t need to worry – the MePACS team will answer just to make sure you are alright. You can also press the lower right-hand side button twice.

Two-way communication with MePACS

  • One of the most important factors of a quick response time from emergency services is providing them with detailed information about the urgent situation and a client’s medical history. With the two-way communication through a MePACS personal alarm watch, you can speak to the MePACS emergency response team and tell them what has happened. If you are unable to, our trained professionals can still understand the urgency of the situation and call for help on your behalf.
  • Understanding the significance of the emergency is critical to saving lives.

GPS locator, so we can get help to you where you are

  • If you need help when you are out and about, knowing your exact location can greatly reduce the time it takes for an ambulance to get to you. This MePACS personal alarm watch has GPS technology to pinpoint where you are in your home or anywhere outside in Australia.

Heart rate monitor and steps tracker to keep you active

  • Keeping track of your health is important in everyday life. This personal alarm watch has the ability to track your heart rate and steps as you go about your daily activities, which is essential to monitoring overall health and well-being over time.
  • A heart rate monitor can identify signs of improved heart health and overall fitness such as a lower resting heart rate as well as signs of stress by tracking when your heart rate rises and falls over a given period of time.

Long battery life and quick charging

  • The MePACS personal alarm watch has a battery life of 10-12 hours depending on usage, with a 3-4 hour charge time from flat to fully charged. You can always wear your home or mobile alarm in the meantime, if you have one.

Uses an eSIM and the 4G Network

  • A MePACS personal alarm watch uses an eSIM to send a signal for help. It relies on the Telstra network for mobile coverage, and requires a strong signal strength to work effectively. There is a mobile reception indicator on the watch, so we advise you keep an eye on that to ensure you have good coverage wherever you are.

And it can even tell the time

  • Just like any watch, the MePACS personal alarm watch can tell the time, which can help with remembering to take your medication, attend appointments, expect visitors or carers and maintain contact with the family.
For more information on the MePACS Solo watch, visit MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329.


What is a personal alarm watch?

A personal alarm watch is an emergency device worn around the wrist, allowing the user to send a signal for help quickly and conveniently. This means the wearer doesn’t have to worry about finding a phone when they need essential assistance.

A personal alarm watch is part of the growing trend of wearable technology. You can wear it every day and impress your friends and family with its stylish design and essential features, giving you the confidence to be active, independent and do everything you want to do – without having to worry how you would get help in a medical emergency.

How does a personal alarm watch work?

When you are experiencing a medical emergency, time is of the essence. If you have fallen or are in pain, organising the right help for yourself can be very stressful and often makes the situation feel worse.

A personal alarm watch eases the worry of contacting someone by connecting you with an emergency response centre such as MePACS. We guarantee to answer your signal for help within 2 minutes, assess the situation and then call for necessary help, either from a family member or emergency service.

To signal for help with a personal alarm watch, all you have to do is tap the ‘alert’ icon on the watch face or press the button located on the lower right-hand side of the watch twice. Where there is sufficient mobile coverage in Australia, you will be able to contact MePACS and receive essential help.

Who would benefit from a personal alarm watch?

A personal alarm watch can be a great preventative measure to prolong your independence and the time you are able to live in your own home, especially if you have an increased risk of falls, an ongoing injury or vulnerable immune system.

A personal alarm watch can benefit:

  • seniors who are active and independent
  • people living with disabilities
  • people with chronic health conditions
  • people who are prone to falls
  • people with compromised immune systems
  • people with severe allergic reactions
  • people with heart problems

Aside from the 24/7 connection to emergency assistance, one of the best features of a MePACS personal alarm watch is the ability to monitor your health. The device can count your steps and track your heart rate, which both allow you to analyse your physical activity.

Personal alarm watches may also be a good idea for people who have recently had surgery or been in hospital and need extra assistance in their recovery period, which can be a particularly vulnerable time for them. With an even greater risk of a medical emergency, it is important to have help at hand 24/7.

For more information on the MePACS Solo watch, visit MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329.


Which is the best personal alarm watch for elderly?

The range of personal alarm watches that connect to a 24/7 monitoring centre in Australia is quite limited, so it is quite easy to see those that offer an outstanding personalised and proactive service.

MePACS was established in 1989, and today we are trusted by over 40,000 clients to keep them safe and secure in their own home. Supported by an Australian Public Health System, our profits are reinvested into community health and help to provide exceptional care to many patients.

There are certainly not many personal alarm services in Australia that have such a generous impact on the wider public.

The reviews we receive from our online audience also demonstrate our competence and reliability as a personal alarm service – from over 400 reviews, MePACS has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

How much does a personal alarm watch cost?

Most smartwatches in the market retail for a few hundred dollars, given that they are one of the most popular wearable devices and have many convenient functions.

A MePACS Personal Alarm Watch comes in two sizes and colours – a 41mm rose gold watch and a 45mm black watch.

For more information on the cost of our personal alarm watch, visit MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329.

A smartwatch vs personal alarm watch

There are a few differences between an emergency response from a smartwatch and a MePACS personal alarm watch.

An emergency alert from a smartwatch automatically calls emergency services. This response is not personalised and can sometimes be unnecessary, if your medical event is not life-threatening nor unexpected.

Secondly, a smartwatch cannot pass on details of the current medical event nor specific medical history, which is essential to get you the right help fast. The MePACS response team can relay this information to emergency services and prioritise an ambulance for you.

When smartwatches detect a fall, a message will come up on the screen asking if you need emergency help. This message is only up for a limited time, and if not dismissed in that time, will automatically call emergency services and send a message to a list of pre-selected contacts.

A smartwatch neither has a requirement that contacts live a maximum of 30 minutes away from you. In a medical emergency, this can worry family members who are too far away to help, and cause extra concern if they can’t get in touch with you.

What if you accidentally tapped the emergency icon? Or you only need immediate help from a neighbour to get your medication?

It goes without saying that a human touch makes all the difference. If you have a fall or feel unwell, the best help comes from someone you know or a healthcare service. A family member or paramedic can calm you down and assess the situation in detail, and help you with medical requirements. Their comforting voice and physical presence can be essential to helping you feel better.

A MePACS personal alarm watch has the benefit of allowing our team to communicate with you and find out exactly what is wrong. With its convenient and familiar place on your wrist, it is so easy to hear and respond to a MePACS monitor, and you will feel immediately at ease when you know that help is on the way.

The MePACS emergency response service is available 24/7, so no matter what time of the day or night it is, rely on us to get you the help you need. For more information on the MePACS Solo, please call our friendly team on 1800 685 329.