01 Aug 19

All you need to know about a Medical Alarm

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What is a panic alarm?

panic alarm is a compact device normally worn on a person’s body, either on their wrist or as a pendant around their neck.


How does panic alarm work?

The alarm usually has a small button on it that when pressed will activate the alarm by sending a signal for help to either a contact or monitoring service. The monitoring service will then call the client through the alarm system. Once they make contact with you they will be able to ascertain what help you require. If the alarm signal is sent straight to a family member, it is up to them to respond directly to the client.


How much is a panic personal alarm?

The MePACS panic alarm service is monitored by our response team within 2 minutes, so you have the guarantee that your call for help will always be received and answered. This service starts from just over $1 a day.

MePACS are owned by an Australian Healthcare provider which means all profits are reinvested back into the public health system.


MePACS Home Panic Alarms are great for use around the home and in the garden.

Price – $39 a month inc. GST + Installation

The MePACS Home Panic Alarm comes with:

  • A simple activation through one press of the button
  • A pendant worn around the neck or wrist
  • A home base unit with two-way communication
  • Completely waterproof pendants
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing for your security

MePACS Personal Alarm elderly

Home & Mobile Panic Alarm – Ideal for those who like to go shopping, visit friends, walk around the neighbourhood or even on holiday in Australia.

Price – $51 a month + $385 one-off fee for mobile alarm inc. GST + Installation

The MePACS mobile alarm is purchased in a package with the MePACS panic alarm.

The MePACS Mobile Alarm has:


  • Two-way communication to stay in contact with MePACS
  • GPS technology
  • Splash-proof pendant
  • Mobile charging unit
  • Belt clip and lanyard

For more information on the features of both the home and mobile alarms visit this page.

What is the best safe personal panic alarm?

MePACS are one of the leaders in the personal panic alarm space. We have over 40,000 clients across Australia, who we help to feel safe both in their home and out and about. We are also rated an average of 5 stars from over 300 online reviews.

MePACS provides the highest level of customer service to all of our clients, including seniors, people living with disabilities, people with chronic health conditions and lone workers in the community. Our team are professional, caring and personal, providing peace of mind and reassurance for both our clients and their family.

With the MePACS panic alarm, a signal for help is responded to by our friendly, fully-trained team at any time of the day or night. Help is only two minutes away.

Where do I buy a panic alarm?

You can purchase a panic alarm from MePACS Personal Alarms by contacting 1800 685 329 or you can join online.

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