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Guaranteed response by trained professionals 24/7

MePACS is an approved supplier to the Personal Alert SA scheme and offer a 24/7 MePACS emergency response service that ensures you are guaranteed a fast response by trained professionals when you activate your alarm, in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

With MePACS, help is only 2 minutes away once you have activated our personal alarms. Our friendly team will get you the appropriate help any time of the day or night.

We know that family may not always be available to help 24/7, so you can rely on MePACS to give you true peace of mind, keep you independent and help you feel safer at home or away.

Personal AlertSA (PASA)

MePACS is a provider of personal alarms for the PASA program.  The South Australian State Government is the funder of the PASA program of which there is an eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible for the Personal Alert SA Scheme, you can choose from one of the PASA funded alarms below.  There are additional options that can be purchased as well but these are not funded as part of the PASA scheme.

PASA Funded - MePACS Home Alarm

Features: Fully monitored, 4G Base unit and waterproof pendant with falls detection and easy one-touch button activation.

Installation: $140 or Free self-installation

Price of device: Free

Price of monitoring: Free



PASA Funded - MePACS Care

Priority call with 000 Features: All the benefits of the Home alarm with the ability to add in additional care devices.

MePACS Home alarm plus:

– Inactivity Monitor $246.40. Installation $220
(Monitors inactivity in the home with alerts sent to MePACS)

– Smoke Detector Interface $160.60. Requires electrician to install at own cost.
(Monitored hardwired smoke detector interface compatible with Brook and PSA smoke detectors)

– Falls Mat $345.40. Installation $198
(Monitored Floor activity/falls sensor mat)

PASA Subsidised - MePACS Solo Watch

Features: Fully monitored, 4G smart watch with GPS technology, falls detection, heart rate monitoring and steps counter. It can be used at home or out and about.

Installation: free self-installation

Price of device: 42mm watch $339.90 (one-off)

46mm watch $379.50 (one-off)

Price of monitoring: $28 annually

Additional Options Available (not PASA Funded)

MePACS Solo Watch

Features: Fully monitored, 4G smart watch with GPS, falls detection, heart rate and steps counter.

Installation: Free self-installation

Price of device: 42mm watch $689 OR 46mm watch $725 (one-off)

Price of monitoring: $59 per month

Daily Call

Features: Press your MePACS alarm to ‘check-in’ with the MePACS monitoring team daily. Missed check-ins will be followed up.

Price of monitoring: $72 per annum


Features: Safe storage of your house keys so carers
and emergency services can access your home in the event of an emergency.

Installation: Free if ordered at the same time as installation

Price of device: $80

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How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the PASA scheme and gain approval for funding for an alarm, you first need to complete the PASA application. Visit the link below to complete your Personal Alert SA application and once you have received confirmation of your approval you can then choose MePACS as your Alarm Provider.

Personal Alert SA  Application Form

Once you have been approved and have your approval numbers for the Personal Alert SA alarm, please order your MePACS personal alarm below.

Application for MePACS Alarm

Excellent Customer Service – Professional and Caring

24/7 Fast Response

24/7 Fast Response

We are always available to respond day and night within two minutes, when you activate an alert

Response by real people

Response by real people

Our friendly team can identify what help is required and call the relevant contact or 000

Reassurance help is on its way

Reassurance help is on its way

We keep in contact with you once the alarm has been pressed to ensure help has arrived

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Gives you and your family peace of mind that help is always available

MePACS is compatible with the NBN

Compatible with the NBN

Works completely independently of the NBN and telephone lines

No lock-in contract

Provider to PASA

The Personal Alert SA scheme is funded by the South Australian Government

Priority call with 000

Priority call with 000

Unlike autodialler alarms, MePACS share the information with 000 who prioritise the call

Supports independent & active living

Independent and active living

Supports you in your own home and keeps you active in the community

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Who We Are

Keeping communities safe since 1989

MePACS is one of the leading providers in Australia for personal alarms. For over 30 years, 40,000 customers have trusted us to keep them safe. We are members of the industry body PERSL and are backed by an Australian Healthcare provider, with all our profits going back into public health and research. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and looking after the welfare of our clients.

We support seniors and people with chronic conditions to live in their own homes independently and offer their families peace of mind.

Nominated Contacts

When you join our personal alarm service, you can nominate up to 4 contacts, who we can call for assistance in the event of an emergency or to check on your wellbeing. These contacts need to live within 30 minutes from you. They should be someone who is known to you such as a family member, friend or trusted neighbour and ideally have a key to your home. It can be a good idea to get a key lock for extra security.

How It Works

press personal alarm icon

Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant to send a signal to our response centre

speak to operator icon

Receive help

We will speak to you via the base unit within 2 minutes

chat icon

We work out what you need

We’ll identify what help you need

phone call icon

We take action

We’ll call a contact or emergency services