13 May 21

How can a medical alarm help seniors feel safer in recovery?

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing

After a long stay in hospital, seniors can often feel weak, vulnerable and unsteady on their feet. The long recovery period is ahead of them and the ongoing worry of what to do if they have a medical emergency and no one around to call for help.

Carers, family members and friends are not alone in their concern for the seniors in recovery they know – when discharging elderly patients from hospital, arranging a personal alarm after a medical stay should be one of the first priorities when preparing for home recovery.

Taking up a medical alert system after leaving hospital, can help seniors to regain their confidence and independence quickly. And with a fully monitored service such as MePACS, our clients can feel safer and more secure while they focus on getting back on track and recovering well.

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Why should seniors choose a MePACS alert system after leaving hospital?

If a senior has recently had surgery, broken a bone or come home after rehabilitation, a personal alarm connected to a dedicated emergency response service with trained professionals ready to assess the situation and call for the most appropriate help can certainly give family and carers the peace of mind that their safety is prioritised.

MePACS is a national personal alarm provider based in Australia. Our medical alarms are lightweight, comfortable, convenient and ensure our clients have a quick and easy way to signal for help if they are feeling unwell.

What makes MePACS a great choice for a recovery period after a hospital stay:

  • No Lock-in Contract
    Have a MePACS alarm for as little as a few weeks or months through recovery
  • Guaranteed 24/7 Fast Response
    Press the alarm and our response team will answer within 2 minutes
  • Home and Mobile Alarms available
    Feel safer in the comfort of home or out in the community
  • We keep in touch until help has arrived
    Providing a reassuring, comforting voice at the end of the line
  • Works independently of the NBN so no need for a phone line
    With an e-SIM built into the speaker unit, our alarms can be used anywhere with sufficient mobile coverage in Australia
  • Key lock safes available
    Ensure that emergency services can access the property quickly and safely

Does MePACS sound like the right choice for the senior in recovery that you know?

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Why do you need a personal alarm after a medical stay in Australia?

For many seniors, medical emergencies can happen frequently and without warning on the road to recovery at home. And while living alone, the risk of further injury or illness only increases the longer that they have to wait for someone to help in their time of need.

Discharging elderly patients from hospitals can be a concern, but a MePACS personal alarm can alleviate the stress of recovering at home.

There are a few reasons why seniors may need a personal alert system after leaving hospital, to quickly signal for help:

Why risk personal health and safety when you can have guaranteed assistance within 2 minutes from a professionally trained team in emergency response?

If any of these symptoms are applicable to the recovery of a senior you know, rely on MePACS to give a helping hand with our range of personal alert systems for medical recovery.

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