15 Nov 23

Revolutionising eWaste recycling: A sustainable approach to personal alarms

MePACS Team | MePACS Products & Services

In our digital era, personal alarms have become essential for safety. However, their disposal can have a significant environmental impact. At MePACS, we’re committed to environmental sustainability and believe that responsible recycling isn’t just a choice, it’s vital to our planet. That’s why we’ve embraced a comprehensive eWaste recycling program since 2017. 

Our eWaste recycling process is environmentally responsible and reduces waste while conserving natural resources. By partnering with certified recycling partners, we are able to divert 100% of the eWASTE from our personal alarms and other electronic devices away from landfill and protect our environment from harmful chemicals.

Here’s how it works:

Deep clean

Our recycling process commences with a thorough clean of every personal alarm and electronic device that is returned to our workshop. The devices are then broken down into their component parts, which are sorted and processed for recycling.


Metals make up about 43% of our personal alarms eWaste. By separating these metals meticulously, we ensure they don’t become mere waste. Instead, they find a new purpose, heading to a dedicated metal recycler right here in Melbourne.

Circuit boards

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are essential to nearly all electronic products. Comprising 25% of the eWaste from personal alarms, circuit boards play a pivotal role in our recycling story. Rather than being discarded, the boards, which contain precious metals like silver and gold, embark on a journey to a smelter in South Korea.


Batteries can contain hazardous materials when exposed so demand a tailored and responsible approach.
PB- Lead Acid batteries go to a lead smelter in Wagga Wagga. On the other hand, NiMH-Nickel Metal Hydride batteries take a dual route. Initially handled by a local recycler, they later join the global cause by making their way to a South Korean smelter.

Chain of custody: Ensuring accountability in every step

Every product transitioning to our recycling partners undergoes a meticulous chain of custody. It’s not a mere handover, it’s a documented, accountable process with annual auditing to make sure the partners’ processes and certifications are current. This isn’t just about recycling, it’s about transparency and responsibility.

The green effect

Our successful eWaste recycling journey is not only helping to reduce environmental waste and landfill, but also contributes to a cycle that prioritises sustainability. Building on our knowledge and experience, our friends at Peninsula Health have also implemented an eWaste recycling scheme which helps reduce significate waste generated in the healthcare sector. It’s not just about recycling, it’s about making a lasting impact. 

At MePACS, we believe that protecting our planet is just as critical as safeguarding the safety of our clients. Choose MePACS for your personal alarm needs and make a positive impact on both your safety and the environment.

To join MePACS and be a part of our sustainability journey call us on 1800 685 329.