Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors

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Personal Alarm Service with the Human Touch

24/7 Response Personal Alarm System

The MePACS fast response personal alarm service is designed for senior Australians, those with chronic conditions or recovering from surgery to keep them safe and independent in their own homes. If you fall, have an accident or feel unwell, help is just the press of one button away. We guarantee a trained professional will respond to your signal for help within 2 minutes.

The MePACS Personal Alarms are available as home and mobile alarms – giving you peace of mind when you are at home and when out and about.

How It Works

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Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant to send a call to our response centre

speak to operator icon

Receive help

We will speak to you via the base unit within 2 minutes

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We work out what you need

We’ll identify what help you need

phone call icon

We take action

We’ll call a contact or emergency services

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Friendly Trained Staff

Unlike autodialler alarms, it’s the human touch of MePACS personal alarms that ensures you are guaranteed a fast response by real people 24/7.

With the MePACS medical alarm, help is only 2 minutes away once you have pressed the button. Our friendly team are ready to get you the appropriate help at any time of the day or night.

We know that family may not always be available to help 24/7, so you can rely on MePACS to give you true peace of mind and help you feel safe in your own home.

Unlike autodialler alarms, we are able to share the emergency information with 000 who can then prioritise the call to the client. 

Our personal alarm service offers:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 Fast Response
  • We keep in touch with you until help has arrived
  • Personal Alarms for both home and away
  • Works independently of the NBN so no need for a phone line
  • No lock in contract
  • Key lock safes available
  • High levels of client satisfaction

Nominated Personal Alarm Contacts

When you join our personal alarm service, you can nominate up to 4 contacts, who we can call for assistance in the event of an emergency or to check on your wellbeing. These contacts need to live within 30 minutes from you. They should be someone who is known to you such as a family member, friend or trusted neighbour and ideally have a key to your home. It can be a good idea to get a key lock for extra security.

mepacs personal alarms home and mobile alarms

How Much Does it Cost?

Home Response Service
Price – $39 a month inc GST + Installation

Great for use around the home and garden.

The Home Alarm comes with:

  • A quick and simple one button activation wrist or neck pendant
  • Home base unit with two-way communication so no need to get to a phone
  • Waterproof pendants that can be worn in the bath or shower
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing for your safety

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mepacs home and mobile unit

Home & Mobile Response Service

Price – $51 a month + $385 one-off fee for mobile alarm inc GST + Installation

Ideal for those who like to get out of the house to visit the shops, library, friends, go for a walk or even on holiday in Australia.

The Home and Mobile Personal Alarms come with:

  • Quick and simple one button activation on both the home & mobile alarms
  • Neck or wrist Home pendant and Mobile alarm unit
  • Two-way communication with the home base unit and mobile alarm, so no need to get to a phone
  • GPS locator in Mobile alarm
  • Waterproof home pendants and splash proof mobile alarm
  • Falls detection with automatic activation to MePACS
  • No additional phone charges
  • Monthly pendant testing for your safety
  • Mobile charging base unit
  • Belt clip and lanyard
  • Lightweight Mobile Alarm: 58gms (weight of a chocolate bar)
  • Mobile Alarm Dimensions: 65mm (h) x 40mm (w) x 20mm (d)

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Other Services

Daily Call
Price – $6 additional a month

If you choose this additional personal alarm service, we ask you to press the daily call button on your alarm between 6am and 11am each day to let us know you are up and about. If we do not hear from you we will contact you to check you’re okay.

Mobile Upgrade
If you are an existing MePACS Home Customer you can upgrade to the Mobile Alarm for $12 more a month + $385 inc GST for Mobile Unit

One-off Installation Costs

  • Professional Installation  – $140
  • Self Installation – $29 for one alarm / $39 for two alarms
Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors

Our Partners

We work with a range of partners who use the MePACS alarm service

We work with over 500 organisations supporting Seniors and people living with disabilities. We ensure our clients can continue to live an independent and active life in their own home.

From home care providers to carers, we also support:

  • Hospitals
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physios
  • GPs

Our Clients

“Thanks to MePACS, we’ve all got great peace of mind.”

Val is 77 years young and knows she is safe and secure with her MePACS personal alarm at home.

“MePACS are there 24/7 – if you need an emergency, you never have to wait long and someone is there within seconds.”

Our Clients

MePACS Saved My Life

Ron was at home having a midday rest late last year, when all of a sudden he was so badly overcome by pain that he couldn’t move.  “I was in so much pain that I could not even reach the phone at the side of my bed to call 000,” recalled Ron.

“I had suffered a major arterial blood clot cutting off blood to my heart and brain which totally incapacitated me.”  Ron lives alone, so nobody knew his life was in grave danger.

“Luckily I had my MePACS medical personal alarm on me and was able to press the button for help.”

Ron, Victoria.

Our Clients

My MePACS Mobile Alarm Saved My Life

Judith was in the backyard of her five and a half acre property in the Yarra Valley, when all of a sudden she lost her footing and fell to the ground. “I couldn’t move or get up. I am so glad I had my MePACS mobile personal alarm on me”. recalled Judith.  “I had dislocated my shoulder and broken my arm”

Judith lives alone, so nobody knew she was seriously injured. “If I didn’t have my MePACS alarm, it may have been up to 24 or even 36 hours until someone may have found me, I definitely believe that MePACS saved my life.”

Judith, Yarra Valley.

Our Clients

My MePACS Alarm is my Life Saver

Doreen from Melbourne became a MePACS member over 6 years ago and says her MePACS personal alarm is her lifesaver. Doreen wears the pendent around her neck day and night and it has given both Doreen and her daughter peace of mind that if she fell, had an accident or became unwell help would be only the press of a button away.

Although Doreen’s daughter lives with her, she works long hours each day, so worries about her mum when she’s away. Her daughter also wants to visit family in England in July and without the peace of mind that MePACS personal alarms service gives her, she wouldn’t have the confidence to leave mum on her own.”

Our Clients

Nikki an OT from Peninsula Health recommends MePACS

Nikki is an Occupational Therapist working for Peninsula Health.  She helps Seniors and people with disabilities to return home from rehabilitation and hospital to ensure they can live independently in their own homes.

Nikki recommends MePACS personal alarms as it provides peace of mind to patients and their families as there is always help available should they need it.  “The MePACS personal alarms service provides a sense of safety and security to patients returning home.”