Personal Alarms for the Home

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Monitored personal alarms
with reliable 24/7 emergency response


MePACS in-home personal alarms are designed to support people living independently at home, including :

  • Seniors who live alone and may have mobility limitations, are recovering from a medical procedure, or have other health conditions
  • People living with disability, including physical or cognitive disabilities, that may require occasional assistance in case of a fall or medical emergency.
  • People living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, or respiratory conditions, and may need prompt support in case of a medical emergency.

The MePACS home alarm system is designed to use around your home and garden, and includes a small wearable device, and a base unit that is installed inside the home.

The alarm is very easy to use – just one button press and you are promptly connected to our 24/7 Australian-based response centre.

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How the home alarm works

The MePACS monitoring centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our dedicated monitors are professionally trained to triage emergencies efficiently and with empathy and care. Alarm calls are answered within 2 minutes and we assess every situation to determine the most appropriate course of action – whether it’s calling a family member, neighbour or carer, or getting emergency services to help if needed.

Unlike self-monitored alarms, we can provide emergency services with all the relevant information about the incident and your condition, so that they can prioritise the call.

Nominated Personal Alarm Contacts

With MePACS, you can nominate up to 4 people who can be available to help in an emergency, or to check on your wellbeing.

Nominated contacts can be relatives, friends, trusted neighbours or carers. They must be able to get to your house within 30 minutes, and ideally have access to your house keys for easy access in an emergency.

You can purchase an external key safe to securely store spare house keys for emergencies.

MePACS Home alarm system

Home Alarm Features


The MePACS Home Alarm System is designed to provide 24/7 safety around the home and garden. It consists of a small wearable pendant, and a base unit that is installed in a central location in the home, and is connected to the 4G network.

When the button on the pendant or the base unit is pressed, the signal is sent to the MePACS monitoring center, where one of our trained professional will be able to talk to you through the alarm and provide the help you need.


  • Australia wide coverage through the 4G network
  • Does not require NBN, a phone line or a mobile phone
  • Water resistant pendant can be worn in the shower (IP67 rating)
  • Simple one-button activation
  • Base unit with 2-way voice communication
  • 38+ hours backup battery power for base unit
  • Complies with Australian and International quality standards
  • Accessories and additional pendants are available


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MePACS home alarm


Standard Home Alarm System

Includes the following:

  • Pendant alarm with chain or wristband
  • Base unit
  • Pre-installed and activated sim card

Pendant & Base Unit:  No charge for monthly rental

24/7 Monitoring:  $39 inc. GST per month (includes sim card charges)

Monthly Alarm Testing:  Free

Professional Installation:  $140 inc. GST  for metro areas.  Regional areas may cost more based on the location. Contact us for a quote.

Self Installation – 1 alarm:  $29 inc GST  for one alarm
Self Installation – 2 alarms:   $39 inc. GST  for two alarms

No lock-in contract. Funding via HCP or NDIS can be available to eligible customers.

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Personal Alarms - Product Overview


Home + Mobile Alarm Bundle

The home and mobile alarm bundle is designed for people who enjoy a more active lifestyle outside of the home. The mobile alarm works anywhere in Australia where there’s 4G coverage, and has added features such as GPS location, 2-way voice communication, and falls detection**.

Get more info on the mobile alarm →

The bundle includes:

  • Home pendant alarm with chain or wristband
  • Home Base unit
  • Mobile alarm
  • Mobile alarm charging unit
  • Lanyard and belt clip for the mobile alarm
  • USB wall charger + cable
  • Pre-installed and activated sim cards

Bundle cost:  $385 inc. GST

24/7 Monitoring:  $51 inc. GST per month (includes both alarms and sim card charges)

Monthly Alarm Testing:  Free

Professional Installation:  $140 inc. GST  for metro areas.  Regional areas may cost more based on the location. Contact us for a quote.

Self Installation – 1 alarm:  $29 inc GST  for one alarm
Self Installation – 2 alarms:   $39 inc. GST  for two alarms

No lock-in contract. Funding via HCP or NDIS can be available to eligible customers.

**Please note: The alarm may not be activated by some falls, for example: a slow slump or roll onto the ground, if the fall is broken by a chair or other object, or if the person braces the fall. To make sure the alarm is activated after a fall always press the alarm button.

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Other Services

Daily Call
Price – $6 additional a month

If you choose this additional personal alarm service, we ask you to press the daily call button on your alarm between 6am and 11am each day to let us know you are up and about. If we do not hear from you, we will contact you to check you’re okay.

Mobile Upgrade
If you are an existing MePACS Home Customer, you can upgrade to the Mobile Alarm for $12 more a month + $385 inc. GST for Mobile Unit


What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to MePACS, we’ve all got great peace of mind.”

Val is 77 years young and certainly appreciates the MePACS service. She knows she is safe and secure with her MePACS Home Alarm and continues to live independently.

“MePACS are there 24/7 – if you have a medical emergency, you never have to wait long and someone is there within seconds.”

Click here for Val’s story

What Our Clients Say

“I know MePACS is looking out for my safety.”

Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, our client Jess feels safer at home and away with MePACS.

“I decided to take up a MePACS personal alarm because I wanted to live by myself and still feel reassured that I could signal for help in a medical emergency.”

“I feel like I can rely on my MePACS alarm too. It’s right there around my neck and I can press it quickly if I need to. Even if I’m not able to communicate properly, the MePACS team know something is wrong and will call for help for me.”

Click Here for Jess’ Story

What Our Clients Say

“MePACS saved my life.”

Ron was at home alone having a midday rest when all of a sudden he was so badly overcome by pain that he couldn’t move.

“I had suffered a major arterial blood clot, which cut off blood to my heart and brain and totally incapacitated me. Luckily I had my MePACS personal alarm on me and was able to press the button for help.”

Click here for Ron’s story

What Our Clients Say

“MePACS Alarm is my Life Saver.”

Doreen from Melbourne says her MePACS personal alarm is a lifesaver.

Although Doreen’s daughter lives with her, she worries about her mum when she’s away. A MePACS Home Alarm has given both Doreen and her daughter peace of mind that if she fell, had an accident or became unwell, help would be only the press of a button away.

Home Care Providers

Our clients


MePACS has partnered with over 500 organisations that support seniors and people living with disabilities. We are an HCP and NDIS approved provider, as well as sole service provider to Personal Alert Victoria (PAV) and approved service provider to Personal Alert SA (PASA).

From home care providers to case managers, we also work with hospitals, GP’s, occupational therapists, physios and other allied health professionals to provide daily support and safety for their clients.