20 Apr 22

5 fun school holiday activities to do with grandchildren

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing

What do you do with grandchildren during the school holidays?

Ideas for entertaining grandchildren at home are plentiful – no matter if it is rain, hail or shine, there are so many fun things to do at home and away, and all while wearing a personal alarm for ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Fun school holiday activity for grandkids #1. Go for a Nature Walk

mepacs home and mobile unit

Whether you’re up for a short road trip or just a walk to the local park, getting out into the fresh air is a great school holiday activity to do with grandchildren.

You can teach them about plants that you know, go searching for creepy crawlies and encourage them to exercise while having fun and spending quality family time together. 

When out and about, your safety should always be a priority, and especially so if you are prone to falls or medical emergencies. 

MePACS Mobile Alarm can help you to feel safer and more secure by providing a simple and effective way to signal for help, automatic falls detection and GPS technology; ensuring the right help can get to the right location fast.

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Fun school holiday activity for grandkids #2. Arts and Crafts

Depending on the time of year, sometimes the weather in the school holidays can be stormy or too hot to be outside. 

That’s the perfect time to pull out the coloured pencils, paper and knitting yarn to have a long afternoon of arts and crafts; ready to give to mum and dad at pick-up time. 

MePACS Home Alarm is ideal for wearing around the home and out in the backyard  – at just the touch of a button, our 24/7 emergency response team are guaranteed to answer within two minutes, assess the situation and call for the most appropriate help that you need. 

Lightweight, discreet and convenient, the ease of use makes it a great safety companion for a senior or person with a disability who feels vulnerable living alone with a serious medical condition.

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Fun school holiday activity for grandkids #3. Cooking

Baking the day away in the kitchen is another fun school holiday activity for grandparents and grandchildren to do together. You can guide them through a recipe that you might have taught their parents, or try something new and find a delicious dish to make and share with the extended family.

Fun school holiday activity for grandkids #4. Day out at the Farm or Park

Taking grandchildren for a day out at a local farm or park is ideal in the summer or spring school holidays, when the weather is warm and rain doesn’t pose a risk for slippery surfaces or a fall.

Plan ahead, pack a picnic lunch and dress appropriately for the weather forecast – you can even take the MePACS Mobile Alarm with you! Going during the morning also means you can be finished before the heat of the day.

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Fun school holiday activity for grandkids #5. Read a book together

Reading a book together as a fun school holiday activity can help grandkids build their confidence, expand their vocabulary and bond with their grandparents. 

While at home, it can be easy to forget about the potential risks in each room that could cause a fall or medical emergency. And when you least expect it to happen, being prepared with the correct safety device, like a MePACS alarm, can significantly reduce the time it takes for the right help to arrive. 

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