MePACS Self-Installation Guide


Welcome to MePACS

The Installation process can take up to 30 minutes. If you are not the client please make sure the client is home when installing, as we will need to speak with them. You will be required to walk to each room and to both the front and back of your property to test the range of the pendant.

An installation appointment should have been booked for you when you placed your order. If you don’t have an appointment time or wish to rearrange please call us on 1800 572 177 during the following hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm | Saturday – Sunday 10am -3pm

5 Steps for Installing your MePACS Personal Alarm

Just before your installation appointment find a location for your alarm base unit on a flat clear surface – it should be in a central area near a power point. (i.e. in a living room).


radio signal

1. Take the black aerial out of the box then screw it into the plug at the back of your alarm base unit.


on off switch

2. Turn on the alarm by switching on the button underneath the unit.


Charging a personal alarm device

3. Then plug the base unit into the power point.


MePACS alarm monitor

4. The lights should come on in the front of the base unit.


MePACS self install call

5. We’ll call you at your appointment time and talk you through the rest.

If you don’t have an appointment time, please call MePACS on 1800 572 177.

MePACS Self-Installation Video

Watch this Self-Install step by step guide to installing your MePACS home and mobile alarm.

To download and print a step by step guide to the self-install process, please click on the button below

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