30 Jan 21

Fun retirement ideas in Melbourne for 2021

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing

People often rave about Melbourne for its fun, lively atmosphere and nightlife but when it comes to retirees, activities for them are sometimes overlooked. There’s an abundance of fun things to do for those of us who are more mature and want to enjoy the finer things in life. We’ve put together some ideas to help you enjoy retirement whatever your interests are, whether you like reading or going to museums or socialising with friends. There’s an idea here to please all tastes:


Data from Volunteering Australia showed in 2010 that 31 per cent of volunteers in Australia were retired. The most popular types of organisations to volunteer for included sport and recreation, religious and welfare with the most popular reason for volunteering being to help the community. Volunteering Australia found 96 per cent of volunteers said it makes people happier.

If you’re thinking about volunteering but unsure what to volunteer for, write a list of interests that you have or particular people you’d like to help. You could then search online for organisations in that area who are looking for volunteers and give them a call. Remember only volunteer for something you’re capable of doing. People will appreciate you taking the time to volunteer for them but you shouldn’t injure yourself in the process.

Not only is volunteering a great way to give back to the community but it’s socially beneficial to yourself and is great for your mental cognition. One of the biggest challenges elderly people face after retirement is staying social. If you were volunteering as a tour guide in a museum or at a park, you’d be meeting and interacting with people of all ages. Even a few hours a week could make a big difference. Stimulating your brain is another great aspect of volunteering because you’ll continue to learn new things and stave off advancements of diseases by using your brain.

Plan a winery tour

Melbourne is driving distance to both Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, which have a number of renowned wineries. The best part about booking a winery tour is that you don’t have to worry about driving and you can book a private van so you’re not stuck with a bunch of rowdy twenty-something-year-olds who wouldn’t know their chardonnay from their pinot noir.

This idea is best with a group of people so if you’re in a retirement village this is a great idea for someone’s birthday. There are many tour companies online so call around to see which one gives you the best deal and suits your needs. Another great thing about a winery tour is that you can go at your own pace so you won’t be rushed. If you can’t drink there’s plenty of winery tours that include stop offs at chocolate factories and scenic spots.

Rock ‘n’ roll bus

Melbourne’s Art Centre decided to run a Melbourne music bus tour this year because if any city in Australia’s got a rich music scene – it’s right here. This one’s for the more musically inclined retiree who loves a bit of AC/DC and misses the good old days of rock, not this noise pollution heard today.

The tour takes you across the city to visit some historic locations including famous laneways, music venues and recording studios. If you grew up in Melbourne this tour will be a nostalgic journey back to the days of shaggy hair and Countdown. You might even hear a story or two that you haven’t heard before about the Australian music industry.

As you can see, being retired doesn’t have to be boring and, in fact, it can be fun. If you haven’t retired yet or are thinking about doing it in 2020 let this be a guide to help you ease into retirement while keeping your body and mind active.