12 Oct 21

MePACS helps seniors in South Australia feel safer with Personal Alert SA alarms

Alayna Hansen | Client , Testimonials

MePACS Personal Alarms has helped over 43,000 clients across Australia to feel safe and independent in their own home, with the peace of mind that help from our 24/7 emergency response service is just one press of a button away.

At age 79, our new client Margaret was recently approved for a MePACS Personal alarm through Personal AlertSA scheme, funded by the South Australian Government.

“I recommend getting a MePACS alarm to seniors like myself. Late last year, I had a fall in the garden where I tripped over a hose and I just couldn’t get up,” said Margaret.

“My husband didn’t know I was out there and I would say I was lying on the ground for what felt like an hour or two because no one could hear me calling for help. Eventually we had to get the neighbours to come assist and lift me up.”

While living independently in regional South Australia, her husband Tom recalls that was the moment they knew they had to prioritise their safety even more.

“After Margaret’s fall, we contacted our local senior group who recommended the Personal Alert SA scheme for a funded, fully monitored personal alarm.”

MePACS is an approved supplier to the Personal Alert SA scheme and offer a 24/7 emergency response service that ensures you are guaranteed a fast response by trained professionals when you activate your alarm, in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

Once approved, Margaret decided that MePACS was the right personal alarm provider for her lifestyle, overall health and well-being.

“I chose MePACS because the service feels very personal and friendly. It’s great that the pendant has automatic falls detection, because I know if I have another fall in the backyard, it will signal for help to the MePACS response team by itself, or I can press the pendant if I am able to.”

Now with a lightweight and convenient personal alarm around her neck, Margaret says she feels safer at home in knowing that she can rely on MePACS if she has another fall or medical emergency.

“It’s perfect for me to wear against my skin, so it’s not in the way at all, and it makes me feel more secure around the home and backyard. I can go out and feed the chooks without having to worry about what might happen if I have a fall or start to feel unwell.”

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Installing the alarm himself, Tom says it was easy to follow the directions of the MePACS technician over the phone.

“We tested the range of the pendant around the house and the backyard. It didn’t take long at all and now we can hear the speaker from any room in the house, so it’s very effective.”

“We’ve talked to many departments, from the sales team to help desk, and everyone has been very prompt and efficient with making sure we have a great customer experience. The service is very user friendly, so they all deserve a pat on the back.”

Not only do Margaret and Tom have the peace of mind they deserve, but their family and friends are reassured by MePACS’ dedication to Margaret’s safety.

“Our son lives quite a fair distance away, but he is relieved that we’ve done something to look after my health. Our neighbours are on our contact list for MePACS too, so they can be notified if I need their help.”

Margaret and her husband Tom are always busy in their local community. Margaret volunteers at the op shop and Tom helps with sermons and repairs at the church, as well as filling in for the organist. They love spending time together but enjoy having their own individual hobbies at home and out and about.

MePACS is proud to support many clients like Margaret through the Personal AlertSA scheme. For more information about the Personal AlertSA funding and eligibility, visit the official page on the South Australian Government website.