MePACS Solo Connect: The next generation personal alarm watch

MePACS Solo Connect monitored personal alarm watch


Introducing the new Solo Connect – A Monitored Personal Alarm on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6.

Using innovative technology, the Solo Connect smart watch seamlessly integrates safety and style, allowing users to quickly connect to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response centre with a single tap.


  • MePACS rapid emergency response technology
  • 2-way voice communication through the watch
  • Falls detection*
  • GPS location
  • 3-in-1 BioActive sensor with real-time ECG tracking to measure your heart rate and rhythm for any irregularities **
  • Track your fitness and wellbeing with a steps counter and calories monitor **
  • Body composition sensor **
  • Sleep tracker **
  • Water resistant (IP68 rated)
  • Premium sapphire crystal display with improved scratch resistance
  • Connected to the 4G mobile network***

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*   Some falls may not activate the watch, for example: if you brace yourself, if the fall is broken by an object or if you slump or roll to the floor.
**  MePACS do not monitor the Samsung Health App features.
*** The Solo Connect uses the Telstra 4G mobile network. It requires a strong mobile signal to work effectively.


Solo Connect specifications

MePACS Solo Connect personal alarm watch_40mm cream gold MePACS Solo Connect personal alarm watch_40mm Graphite MePACS Solo Connect personal alarm watch_44mm Graphite

Solo Connect Small: Cream Gold


38.8 w x 40.4 h x 9.0 d


Watch band:
20mm Sport band
Sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer material

Aluminium, Sapphire glass

Solo Connect Small: Graphite


38.8 w x 40.4 h x 9.0 d


Watch band:
20mm Sport band
Sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer material

Aluminium, Sapphire glass

Solo Connect Large: Graphite


42.8 w x 44.4 h x  9.0 d


Watch band:
20mm Sport band
Sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer material

Aluminium, Sapphire glass

MePACS Solo Connect personal alarm watch 40mm Pink gold

Who is the Solo Connect Watch for?

The Solo Connect is an advanced personal alarm smart watch that is designed to support people who truly value their independence, active lifestyle and, above all, safety. It is ideal for people who are comfortable with touchscreen technology and don’t have dexterity limitations or vision impairment.

Built on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, it is a stylish and discreet accessory that combines the peace of mind of a monitored personal alarm with the look, functionality and safety features of a premium smart watch. The Solo Connect works on the Telstra 4G network, which means you can use anywhere in Australia where there’s good mobile phone coverage.

Calling for help on the Solo Connect is very easy – simply press the red icon on the watch face to quickly connect to the MePACS emergency response centre where our professional response team is ready to help around-the-clock.


MePACS Solo Connect monitored personal alarm watch



MePACS Solo Connect Watch

Small size: 40 mm (1.57 inches)
Colour: Graphite or Cream Gold
Watch:  $795 incl. GST

Large size: 44 mm (1.73 inches)
Colour: Graphite only
Watch:  $825 incl. GST

+ Monthly fee:  $59 incl. GST (per month) for SIM and access to the MePACS response team

Please note:
You may be eligible for government funding through a Home Care Package or NDIS funding. To discuss your options, please call our Sales team on 1800 685 329.

How does the Solo Watch work?


Solo watch monitored alarm process

MePACS 24/7 Response centre

24/7 Monitoring Service

The Solo Watch is connected to the MePACS 24/7 response centre, which means every call will be answered within 2 minutes, day or night, by a monitor trained in emergency response.

To raise an alert, simply tap the icon on the watch face. One of our monitors will talk to you via the watch, assess your emergency and swiftly organise the appropriate help.

Unlike non-monitored “auto-dial” personal alarms, at MePACS we are able to share relevant information with emergency services, who can then prioritise your call appropriately and get to you quickly.

Knowing that you have a team of trained professionals always ready to respond in an emergency can be incredibly reassuring. It means that no matter where you are, you can feel confident that help is always just a screen tap away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fall detection work?
Built-in sensors in the watch detect sudden changes in movement or orientation that indicate a fall. The Solo watch has 5 sensors that are designed to detect rapid changes in motion, speed or sudden shocks.
Please note that the sensors may not detect some falls, i.e. a slow slump or roll onto the floor, or if the falls was broken by and object, such as a chair.
While falls detectors are not foolproof, having the Solo watch on your wrist means you can still get help by tapping the alert icon on the watch. 

To make sure that an alert is raised after a fall, we recommend that you tap the alert icon on the watch to manually send an alert. 

Can someone else raise an alert on the Solo watch if I can’t?

Yes, anyone who you allow access to the watch will be able to tap the on the icon to raise an emergency alert.

Is the Solo Connect watch waterproof?

The Solo Connect watch has a water resistant rating of IP68 and can withstand pressure of up to 5 atmospheres.

It can be worn in the bath, shower or pool, and can be used in 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes.

How long will the battery last?

The Solo watch has a battery life of between 10-12 hours depending on usage and mobile phone reception. It takes approx. 3-4 hours to charge the watch from flat to full.

There are several things that can reduce battery life:

  • Low mobile reception (the watch is constantly searching for a signal)
  • Using health apps
  • Exposing your watch to very hot or cold temperatures.
Will the Solo watch work in a low mobile coverage area?

In areas with low or no mobile reception, the Solo watch will not be able to raise an alert and connect to the MePACS emergency response centre. It will however still work as a watch.

If you live further than 1km from a Telstra mobile tower, we highly recommend getting the MePACS Home alarm and Solo watch bundle to ensure your safety at home.

Can a couple living together get one Solo watch? 

To ensure the safety of couples at home and on-the-go, we recommend getting the MePACS home alarm with two pendants (one for each person), and a shared Solo watch to use when away from home.

What’s the difference between the Apple Watch and the Solo watch?
The Solo watch and Apple Watch both come with similar features, including falls detection, GPS, 2-way voice communication and a range of health apps.
While the Apple Watch can be paired with your mobile phone and other devices and used to make calls, The Solo Connect is a dedicated medical alert device and cannot be paired with a mobile phone, or used to make calls.
The key difference however, is what happens in an emergency.
In an emergency, an Apple watch can send an SMS to preprogrammed contacts. This means you’re relying on your family and friends to be available to help and know what to do.
The MePACS Solo watch is a monitored personal alarm device, so it doesn’t just send an SMS – it promptly connects you to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response centre where our caring professional operators are ready to help, day or night.
If an ambulance is required, MePACS will provide them with all your relevant information (like medications, allergies, health conditions) so they can prioritise the call and tailor their response. We will also call your close contacts, and stay in touch with you until help arrives.
Can I wear the Solo watch if I have a pacemaker?

MePACS products comply with the Australian Standards in relation to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for devices such as pacemakers.

Can I set medication reminders on the watch?

No. The Solo watch does not have a medication reminder function.

Can you locate a person using the GPS on the watch?

In an emergency, the GPS function on the Solo watch can provide the location of the watch user to MePACS.

To protect the client’s privacy, family or nominated contacts cannot connect directly to the Solo Connect watch or have access to the GPS location.

MePACS does not track the client’s location and will only provide it to emergency services if there’s a concern for the wellbeing of the client.

Can the Solo watch be paired to a phone?

No. The Solo watch cannot be paired with a mobile phone or other devices.

This is because the bluetooth function on the watch has been disabled as it can interfere with the MePACS emergency software that’s on the watch.

Do I need a mobile phone to have the Solo watch?

The Solo watch works independently and does not require a mobile phone.

However, as part of our duty of care, it is a MePACS requirement that clients who purchase the Solo watch must have a mobile phone.

This is to ensure that in an emergency we we have a backup option for contacting you, and also as an indication that you are comfortable and familiar with a touchscreen interface.

Can I purchase the Solo watch at a retail store?

The Solo watch is exclusive to MePACS and cannot be purchased at a retail store. It can only be purchased directly through MePACS.

HCP and NDIs providers can submit applications for eligible clients through our website. For more, visit our HCP Providers hub and NDIS Supports Hub

For more information please call our friendly team on 1800 685 329.

Can you send and receive calls and texts on the Solo watch?

The Solo watch is a dedicated personal alarm device, so can only connect to the MePACS emergency response team. It cannot be used to make or receive phone calls and text messages.

Can the Solo watch be programmed to call my son or daughter?

The Solo watch is specifically designed for fast emergency response and can only connect to the MePACS response centre, ensuring quick assistance during emergencies.

The watch cannot be programmed to call any other numbers, nor Triple Zero.

Can I change the clock on the Solo watch to 24-hour time?

The Solo watch is programmed for 12-hour time only. This setting cannot be changed.

Will the Solo watch fit on a small/large wrist?

The wristband on the Solo watch is adjustable, so you can find a fit that’s comfortable for you.

If you prefer a different wristband, you can purchase compatible wristbands at many retailers, including Telstra, JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman. The wristband must be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Can I install other apps on the Solo watch?

The Solo watch comes with a range of health apps.

Other apps cannot be installed on the Solo Connect because they can interfere with the MePACS emergency response software that’s on the watch.

Does the MePACS Solo fasten with a clasp or hook and eye?

The MePACS Solo watch fastens with a hook and eye. If you have issues with dexterity, then our other personal alarm products, such as our new mobile alarm, may be more suitable for you.

Can the Solo watch store my medical information?

The Solo watch cannot store medical information. Instead, MePACS keeps you medical history and other relevant health data on your file, which is stored securely to protect your privacy.

In an emergency, MePACS will provide all the relevant information to emergency services so that they can tailor their response accordingly.

Can I get the MePACS software installed on my smartwatch?

The MePACS software is designed specifically for the Solo watch. It cannot be installed on an existing smartwatch.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to MePACS, we’ve all got great peace of mind.”

Val is 77 years young and certainly appreciates the MePACS service. She knows she is safe and secure with her MePACS Solo Watch, at home and away.

“MePACS are there 24/7 – if you have a medical emergency, you never have to wait long and someone is there within seconds.”

Click here for Val’s story