MePACS Solo Watch

MePACS Solo – The 24/7 Personal Alarm Service – New Watch Coming Soon


Due to Samsung discontinuing the Galaxy Watch 1, we are no longer able to offer the MePACS Solo on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

We are committed to bringing our clients the best personal alarms available on the market and are currently in development of a new personal alarm watch which we will share with you over the coming months.

In the meantime we have a great MePACS Mobile Alarm which you can still take out and about with you. It is simple but effective with two-way voice communication, fall detection and audible battery indicators.

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MePACS 24/7 Service via the SOS Alarm

It’s the same guaranteed 24/7 service from the MePACS trained professionals.

You raise the alert, and we’ll respond via the mobile alarm within 2 minutes. We will contact you via the alarm to understand the situation and then organise the right help to you quickly.

The mobile alarm also includes a GPS locator, so we know where to send help to you fast. We’ll also keep in contact with you until help arrives, giving you that extra reassurance.



Why should I buy the MePACS Mobile?

  • Guaranteed 24/7 emergency response by trained professionals
  • Fall Detection with automatic alerts sent to MePACS
  • Raise alerts with a simple press of the alarm
  • Two way communication with MePACS
  • Visual and audible battery indicators
  • Visual mobile reception indicators
  • Built-in GPS locator when alert is raised, so we can get help to you quickly
  • Uses a SIM card, so no need to connect a phone

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How does the SOS Alarm work?

press personal alarm icon

Help is required

Tap the blue button once if help is required. If you have a sudden fall then the fall detector should raise an alert to MePACS automatically.

speak to operator icon

Alert sent to MePACS

We will speak to you via the mobile alarm within 2 minutes

chat icon

MePACS contact you via the mobile alarm

Our team of trained professionals will identify what help you need

phone call icon

We take action

We’ll call your contacts or 000

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are to assist existing MePACS Solo clients with their personal alarm watch.

Can someone else raise an alert on the MePACS Solo watch if I can’t?

Yes, anyone who you allow access to the watch will be able to double tap the ‘Home Key’ or tap the on screen ‘Alert Icon’ to raise an alert.

Is the MePACS Solo watch waterproof?

The MePACS Solo watch has been certified to 5ATM standards. This means that it is water resistant up to 50 metres in depth for a maximum of 10 minutes.

How long is the battery life on the MePACS Solo watch?

The MePACS Solo 42 mm watch has a battery life of between 12 – 18 hours and the 46 mm is 24+ hours, depending on usage. How many times you use the watch will affect your battery life and if you live in a low mobile phone reception area this will reduce the life of the battery as it’s working harder to find a signal. It takes around 3-4 hours to charge from flat, and we recommend this is done when you are sitting down.

Can I still use the MePACS Solo watch in a low mobile coverage area?

The MePACS Solo will continue to function as a watch, and you can access all watch functionality. If there is no mobile reception area any alerts raised will be queued and regularly retried for 30 minutes with the alert status displaying on the screen.

How do I use the health app on the MePACS Solo?

If you have a MePACS Solo watch and want to know more about the health applications, we’ve got a handy how-to guide to help you learn how to get the most out of your new fitness companion.

You can download it here  Solo Watch Health App Instructions

What happens if a couple living together may like a MePACS Solo watch? 

We recommend that clients have a home alarm pendant each, and then they can share the MePACS Solo watch when they go out individually. Alternatively, they can purchase two watches and two monthly monitoring fees.

What’s the difference between the Apple Watch and MePACS Solo?

The MePACS Solo has been specifically designed for seniors and people with disabilities to keep it simple and easy to use with the features they will most benefit from.

The Apple Watch is packed full of features that may be a bit overwhelming and an SOS alert only sends a text message to pre-programmed family or friend when an alert is raised, who could be busy at that time and unable to respond in a timely manner.

With the MePACS Solo, alerts raised go directly through to trained operators who are guaranteed to respond within 2 minutes at any time of the day or night. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind that help is always on hand when you need it.

As we understand the situation and your medical history, we can pass all this information to 000 who will prioritise your call – this can make all the difference during an emergency situation.

Does the MePACS Solo have an alarm clock?

No. The MePACS Solo watch does not have the capabilities to set an alarm timer just yet.

Can you set a medication reminder on the MePACS Solo?

No. You cannot set a medication reminder on the MePACS Solo watch.

Can you find someone if they are lost via GPS on the MePACS Solo?

MePACS has the ability to determine the location of each MePACS Solo watch, and if in the event of an emergency or incident, will pass on this information to the most appropriate emergency services to attend and assist.

Family members are unable to connect directly to the MePACS Solo watch or have access to the GPS tracking, to ensure the privacy of the client remains.

Can you pair the MePACS Solo to a phone?

No. The MePACS Solo cannot be paired with a mobile phone. The MePACS Solo software has been adapted on the watch to be a personal alarm first and foremost. The watch works completely by itself and includes its own e-SIM.

Is a mobile phone required to use the MePACS Solo?

No. The MePACS Solo watch has an e-SIM, which means it works by itself anywhere in Australia with Telstra mobile coverage.

Can I go to a retail store to purchase the MePACS Solo?

No. The MePACS Solo is exclusive to MePACS.

The MePACS Solo is a personal alarm watch with falls detection, a GPS locator and the ability to count your steps and heart rate.

MePACS will post the watch to you. If you decide that the watch isn’t for you within 14 days, you may return it as long as it is still in brand-new condition.

Can you receive/make calls and text from the MePACS Solo?

No. The MePACS Solo is a personal alarm watch. To keep the watch simple for our clients, you connect to our 24/7 emergency response team but cannot receive/make calls or text to family or friends.

Can the MePACS Solo be programmed to call my son or daughter?

No. MePACS has a dedicated emergency response team who are available 24/7, who will respond to a call for help within 2 minutes. MePACS then determine the most appropriate help required and call either emergency services or a family member, if appropriate, and stay in contact with the client until help arrives.

This gives the family peace of mind that their loved one will get the fastest response, guaranteed.

Can I change the clock on the MePACS Solo to 24-hour time?

No. All MePACS Solo watches are programmed before being sent out with 12-hour time.

What size is the wrist band of the MePACS Solo?

The 42 mm watch come with a small band fitted which is 105 mm long and a spare large band which is 130 mm long.

The 46 mm watch come with a Large band fitted which is 130 mm long and a spare small band which is 105 mm long.

Will the MePACS Solo fit on a small/large wrist?

Yes. The wrist band is adjustable for your comfort on the MePACS Solo, and the watch comes in two sizes – 42 mm and 46 mm. If you would prefer a different wrist band than the one provided, you may find one to suit at your local Telstra, JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman.

Does the MePACS Solo fasten with a clasp or hook and eye?

The MePACS Solo watch fastens with a hook and eye. If you have issues with dexterity, then our other personal alarm products may be more suitable for you.

How high does the MePACS Solo sit on my wrist?

The MePACS Solo can sit comfortably where you may normally wear a watch, a few centimetres from your wrist.

Is it easy to send a signal for help on the MePACS Solo by accident?

There are two ways to tap the MePACS Solo to send for help – one tap on the ‘alert icon’ on the watch face and a double tap on the Power/Home key of the watch, located on the lower right-hand side.

You have to tap the watch with the pad of your finger, or you have triggered the fall detection technology which gives you a time frame to confirm you are okay and cancel.

What does the MePACS Solo charger look like and how is it put on charge?

The charger for the MePACS Solo is a magnetic docking station. To charge the watch, simple place the back of the watch against the front of the docking station and it will connect and hold the watch in place.

Can I get MePACS Solo software put on my smartwatch I already have?

No. The MePACS Solo is exclusive to MePACS and cannot be programmed onto an existing smartwatch.