MePACS Watch – Coming Soon

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MePACS Solo – The 24/7 Personal Alarm Service available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch – Coming soon

A stylish SOS watch that works both at home & away, connected to the MePACS 24/7 personal alarm service.

The MePACS Solo Watch is packed with features, including falls detection that automatically sends alerts to MePACS, heart rate and steps monitoring and GPS technology. It is fully waterproof and can even tell the time.

All this in one single device. Ideal for seniors and people with disabilities, the MePACS Solo Watch supports an independent and active lifestyle with the peace of mind that if you need help, guaranteed assistance is on hand.

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MePACS elderly personal alarm response centre

MePACS 24/7 Service via the SOS Watch

MePACS guarantee a response to your signal for help within 2 minutes by a trained professional.

Once you raise the alert by tapping on the watch face, we will contact you via the watch to assess the situation and then organise the right help to you quickly. The watch also includes a GPS locator so we know where to send help to you fast.

Giving you the reassurance that help is always on hand.

What’s the difference between the Apple Watch and MePACS Solo on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Apple Watch and autodialler personal alarms send a text message to a family or friend when an alert is raised.

The difference with the MePACS service is that we have trained operators who are guaranteed to respond within 2 minutes at any time of the day or night. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind that help is always on hand when you need it.

As we understand the situation and your medical history, we can pass all this information to 000 who will prioritise your call – time is of the essence in an emergency situation, and MePACS can make all the difference.

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Why should I buy the MePACS Solo?

The MePACS Solo comes in two versions: Rose Gold and Black

Both versions include:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 emergency response by trained professionals within 2 minutes
  • Fall Detection with automatic alerts sent to MePACS
  • Raise alerts with 3 simple taps of the watch face
  • Two way communication with MePACS via the Watch
  • Built in GPS locator when alert is raised so we can get help to you quickly
  • Heart rate monitor and steps tracker to keep you active
  • Long battery life and quick charging
  • Fully waterproof so you can wear it in the bath, shower, spa or swimming pool
  • And it can even tell the time

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How does the SOS Watch work?

press personal alarm icon

Help is required

Tap the watch 3 times if help is required or if you’ve fallen



speak to operator icon

Alert sent to MePACS

We will speak to you via the watch within 2 minutes

chat icon

MePACS contact you via the watch

We’ll identify what help you need

phone call icon

We take action

We’ll call your contacts or 000

See how the MePACS Solo works

A stylish SOS watch that works both at home & away, connected to the MePACS 24/7 personal alarm service.

Our Partners

The MePACS Solo is powered by Vault, who are a leading provider of smart technologies that protect people and improve productivity and safety.

MePACS are pleased to work with Vault, Samsung and Telstra on this exciting new development in personal alarms.

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