08 Nov 21

An SOS watch supporting people living with disabilities

Alayna Hansen | MePACS News , NDIS/Disability

For people living with disabilities across Australia, it can be important to retain an active and independent lifestyle by engaging in daily activities of their choice, with the amount of support they need to feel safe and secure while doing so.

Having a MePACS alarm has supported many of our clients to participate in their community and become more confident to achieve their personal goals, and it just goes to show a little ‘helping hand’ goes a long way.

MePACS is excited to launch the revolutionary MePACS Solo, an SOS watch that not only connects you to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service, but also allows you to monitor your heart rate, tracks your steps and works anywhere in Australia with mobile reception.

Combining the safety and personal touch of a MePACS alarm with the convenience and style of a Samsung Galaxy watch, the new MePACS SOS Watch comes in rose gold or black with a sturdy wrist band that you can adjust for comfort.

An SOS watch is optimal for people living with disabilities who want to maintain an active lifestyle and continue living in their own home. With GPS technology and  falls detection, MePACS can keep you safe out and about too.

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What is an SOS watch?

An SOS watch is worn on the wrist and has the ability to send a signal for help to a 24/7 monitored personal alarm service in the event of a medical emergency.

People living with disabilities can sometimes experience an increase of medical emergencies, and it is crucial for an SOS watch to be accessible in a time of need, especially when they may be home alone.

A popular device in the growing trend of wearable technology, an SOS Watch can be worn every day to provide the confidence to be independent and peace of mind for the wearer, their family and network of carers; knowing that help is available 24/7 from MePACS.

How can an SOS watch support people with disabilities to live independently?

The new MePACS SOS watch works in many places – within the home, local community and practically anywhere in Australia with mobile reception. With two-way communication through the watch, the wearer can tell the MePACS response team what has happened, allowing the operator to assess the situation and organise the most appropriate help at that time.

Whether at home or out and about, safety is of the utmost importance. Many people living with disabilities choose to live alone in their own home, with regular checks from family or carers to ensure they can complete daily activities and general hygiene practices.

A MePACS SOS Watch allows the wearer to feel safe and secure by themselves, giving them the confidence and independence to get on with their day and not have to worry about what they would do in a medical emergency.

With a direct connection to the MePACS 24/7 emergency response centre, we guarantee to answer a signal for help within two minutes and stay on the line until help has arrived. The reassuring voice of our trained professionals has already provided comfort and guidance for many of our clients in a medical situation.

Find out more about the MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329


How can an SOS watch support people with disabilities be active?

Exercising strengthens your muscles, improves your balance and helps maintain overall health and well-being. Staying safe at the same time is especially important.

Depending on what type of disability you have, you may attend appointments with a physiotherapist, participate in hydrotherapy or even complete a few laps of the pool to increase your mobility. Regular exercises prescribed by a health professional can also build your confidence and motivate you to achieve other personal goals in your life.

While these examples of exercise have benefits for your body, they may also come with the risk of a medical emergency.

The MePACS SOS watch can monitor your heart rate after exercise and count your steps if necessary, which can help you to track changes in your body and watch your fitness levels progress. Stay safe and keep active, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing guaranteed help is literally ‘on hand’.

How can an SOS watch detect a fall?

An SOS watch has in-built technology to detect a dramatic shift in gravity and a hard impact, such as if someone may faint or fall to the ground. In this instance, a timed message will display on the screen – if not cancelled within 10 seconds by the wearer to say they are okay, the watch will automatically call MePACS and connect you to a member of our response team.

Don’t worry if you are okay and miss the message either – it is better to be safe with an accidental call to MePACS so we can check on your welfare, than to have no one know what has happened at all.

The most common place for someone to fall is the bathroom, where a tiled surface can pose a falls risk when wet. Thankfully, the MePACS SOS watch is water-resistant and can be worn in the shower and bath. Afterwards, remove the watch briefly and dry it thoroughly with a towel.

For people living with disabilities that increase the risk of fainting or a fall, an SOS watch can make all the difference when it comes to the need for essential help.

Find out more about the MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329


Does an SOS watch have GPS technology?

A MePACS SOS watch does have GPS technology, which is an incredibly important feature to have when you like to go out and about. Whether it is to the local community centre, the shops or even on holiday, a signal can be picked up from this SOS watch anywhere with mobile reception in Australia.

With the ability to pinpoint your exact location, this significantly reduces the time it takes for a contact or emergency services to get to you and render immediate assistance.

A medical emergency can happen quite unexpectedly for people with disabilities, and often ranges in type and severity depending on their impairment. With convenient access to the MePACS SOS watch on your wrist, its ease of use means it only takes one tap of the watch face to send a signal for help.

How can I purchase an SOS watch with NDIS funding?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) was established to help people living with a significant or permanent disability in their daily life, to participate in the community and reach their goals. The scheme provides funding for supports and services to help eligible participants build their skills and improve their independence over time.

As MePACS are an NDIS provider, our new SOS watch can be funded through the category of capital support. Capital supports help NDIS participants afford necessary equipment, home or vehicle modifications and assistive technologies.

Assistive technologies enable people living with disabilities to be an active participant in the community and communicate with other people, process information and complete daily tasks.

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