09 Mar 21

A Welfare Check Service for Seniors in Australia

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For seniors, safety and security in the home should never be compromised.

Welfare checks ensure the safety and well-being of seniors across Australia. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors chose to self-isolate at home alone to protect their health and safety – and while active cases have since reduced in each state, those who have compromised immune systems due to age or disability continue to minimise social interactions today.

At MePACS, our welfare check service is a great preventative measure to ensure our clients are feeling well every day and that help is accessible and available whenever they need it.

MePACS carry out over 400+ welfare calls a day to check on our clients living on their own.


What is a welfare check?

A normal welfare check is conducted by police, who will come to the home and check on the resident to confirm their safety and medical health.

At MePACS, our welfare checks for seniors are in the form of a ‘daily call button’.

Our clients are asked to press the daily call button on the MePACS base unit of their home alarm between 6am and 11am each day to let us know they are up and about.


If a client does not press the daily call button during this time, then our friendly team will call their home phone or mobile and try to speak to our clients personally to ensure they are alright.

In the event that we cannot confirm a verbal response, then we call one of their emergency contacts to conduct a welfare check on them in person.

MePACS is a national personal alarm provider based in Australia. You can opt for our ‘daily call’ welfare check in TAS, QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT and ACT – every state and territory!

Prioritise your safety with a MePACS personal alarm – join our service at the link below:

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How much does a welfare check cost?

For just $6 more a month, MePACS clients have the daily call functionality added to their personal alarm service to provide the extra reassurance they need at home.

A MePACS welfare check helps seniors, people with disabilities and those with chronic conditions, compromised immune systems or in a recovery period have the peace of mind they deserve.

Alongside the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service, a daily welfare check offers comfort, independence and the confidence to go about daily activities.


 Our clients who benefit from a MePACS welfare check

Our client Doreen “confidently” relies on our ‘daily call’ welfare check service every day.

“I have an active daily call button, so I press my home unit every morning to let them know that I am up and about. If I forget, and some mornings I have, one of the friendly team will call the unit and ask if I am okay.

A welfare check service is especially important if you live alone and have a fall – you could be lying on the floor for days without help.” 



Our client Jo also starts her morning routine with a simple press to let us know she is up and about.

“The MePACS team are just delightful. They are so genuine and really go above and beyond no matter the reason you have pressed the personal alarm. They never mind if it is accidental or I forget to do my ‘daily call’ for a welfare check, they are happy to give me a friendly reminder about my monthly pendant test and always wish me a lovely day. The personalised service that you get from MePACS is wonderful.”



Nicole is a carer for her dad, and says she makes sure he presses his ‘daily call’ button every day to check in with our 24/7 emergency response team, especially after he had a recent fall.

“Client-centred care is essential. We both know the human touch really makes a difference and MePACS has become like a second carer for dad. It’s another line of safety and helps take the worry out of what might happen if there was no one that dad could call on when he needs medical assistance.”



How to get a welfare check from MePACS

A MePACS ‘daily call’ welfare check in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT and the ACT makes sure our Australian clients feel safer and more secure at home and away.

As an existing client, call our client services team on 1800 451 300 to organise a daily call service. If you are interested in joining MePACS, you can apply online here (and add the ‘daily call’ welfare check to your personal alarm service) or find out more information by calling 1800 685 329.

Home and away, you’re safer with MePACS.