27 May 22

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors: Read Our Guide

Alayna Hansen | Healthcare Tips

Winter Safety Tips For Seniors

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s an important time to check that you’re prepared for the colder weather and the impact that it can have on your health and safety.

Seniors who still live independently in their own home may look forward to their winter warmer activities such as craft, baking, and looking after the grandchildren, but there’s also a few safety risks that they should keep in mind, especially when it is colder and darker than the earlier months of the year.


What are the health risks seniors should be aware of in winter?

If you have a chronic health condition or low immune system, there are a few health risks that are more prevalent in winter:

  • Catching illnesses such as pneumonia or the flu
  • Exacerbating existing conditions such as chronic pain and heart conditions
  • Injuries that result from falls

When you are prone to medical emergencies, a fully monitored personal alarm can help you feel safer and get the right help that you need. And with a range of personal alarms to suit different lifestyles, MePACS has been trusted by seniors for over 30 years to provide professional customer care and triage.

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How can seniors stay safe during winter?

Here are some winter safety tips for seniors that you can use to prepare for the oncoming winter. The more of these you can successfully do, the more you will be prepared for the colder temperatures.

These are just general suggestions, but if you have a chronic health condition or any other health-related concerns, it is always recommended to see your local doctor about ensuring your health during the flu season.

Preparing for winter during autumn

Preparation is important!

  • Ensure that your home has access to adequate heating that has been well serviced
  • Check that you have warm clothing and blankets readily available
  • Make sure your appliances (i.e. electric blankets, heaters, kettles, etc.) are functioning properly and ready to go

Keeping your home warm during the day

Once winter rolls around, here is what you can to keep your house warm during the day:

  • Heat your main living room to around 21 degrees celsius
  • Heat your living areas during the day and your bedroom at night
  • If your heating is on a timer, set the timer to come on before you get up so that the house is warm on awakening and to go off when you go to bed
  • Close doors to rooms that are not in use to keep heat in the rooms you are using
  • If possible, turn off heating to rooms that are not in use

Keeping your home warm during the night

  • Keep the heat in your bedroom above 18 degrees overnight
  • Use a hot water bottle or electric blanket (but never use both together as there is a potential for electrocution)
  • Close curtains and blinds at night to keep warm air in the room, preventing it from escaping out of windows

Keeping yourself warm during the day

  • Dress warmly with:
    • Several layers of thin, loose fitting clothing
    • Cotton, wool or fleece fibres
    • Good fitting socks and slippers in the house and sturdy shoes with a good grip outdoors
    • A coat, hat, gloves and scarf when you go outside
    • Bed socks and thermal underwear at night
  • Eat well, including:
    • Regular meals to keep your energy levels up and help generate body heat
    • Hot foods and drinks, such as soups and tea or coffee
  • Stay active with light exercise, as even moving around the house can help you generate body heat and keep warm


How can a MePACS personal alarm help seniors stay safe during the winter?

In the event of an emergency, a MePACS personal alarm provides the user with a simple means of signaling for help.

The alarm is activated by pressing a single button, which is then connected to a response centre to be answered by trained professionals.

By speaking with the user or listening to the situation, our 24/7 response team can determine what type of assistance is required, and can then contact the appropriate help.

How much does a MePACS personal alarm cost?

You can find out more about pricing options on our Home, Mobile and Watch Alarm product pages.

There are multiple ways to afford a MePACS personal alarm including through government funding, which is provided through Home Care Packaging.

Given that the response team will respond to your signal for help in two minutes, you’ll have the peace of mind to know help is always available at the touch of one button away.

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Why is a MePACS personal alarm perfect for seniors in winter?

We are always available when you need us

MePACS’ response service operates 24/7. That means whenever you need assistance, we are ready to help you with a fast and effective response.

We will stay in touch until help arrives

Once you use your MePACS personal alarm, we will keep in contact with you until we are certain that help has arrived and you don’t need us anymore.

We’ll give you and your family peace of mind

With MePACS, you and your loved ones can live with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are always covered in the event of a medical emergency.

Our personal alarms are compatible with the NBN

Our 24/7 response alarm service does not require you to be connected to the NBN or even have a phone line.

Our plans keep your comfort in mind

MePACS has no lock-in contracts, meaning you can cancel whenever you need to without worry.

We share a priority call with 000

Unlike auto dialler alarms, MePACS response team shares as much information as necessary directly with 000, meaning that our 000 calls are prioritised.

Our alarms promote independent and active living

A MePACS personal alarm allows you to live your life both independently and actively by supporting you in your own home.


A MePACS personal alarm can help you, your loved one, your client or someone you know feel safer and more independent at home and away. For more information, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now