30 Oct 18

“We are so thankful that mum can rely on her MePACS alarm.” – Karen

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“Several years ago, we decided to buy the Care Alert autodialler alarm for mum, but as time went on Mum was depending upon us more and more to respond to her calls and I became increasing concerned for her safety as I couldn’t always be there when she needed me.

Mum was keen to stay living independently in her own home and I needed more peace of mind, so we decided to transfer to the MePACS monitored service which is responded to by real people any time of the day or night.

The personal touch of knowing there is someone always guaranteed to respond to mum anytime now, when she presses the alarm, gives me and mum greater peace of mind.

After having a number of friends suggest the MePACS service, we decided this was the right service for us. The team is guaranteed to responded within 2 minutes of mum pressing the alarm button which is reassuring. Also my Aunty previously had the MePACS service and was so impressed with the level of service she received. The personal touch of the MePACS service she received and the level of care was terrific.

Thankfully, mum hasn’t had to use the MePACS service apart from calling up on the 2nd of every month to do her monthly pendant check.

We are so thankful that we can rely on the MePACS team for keeping mum safer and living independently in her own home.

Thank you MePACS for keeping my mum safe and giving me peace of mind.” – Karen, daughter of MePACS client Shirley.

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