30 Oct 20

“If it wasn’t for MePACS, I would have been very worried and stuck outside.” – Alison

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

MePACS continues to provide many senior Australians with the peace of mind and safety that they deserve in their leisure years. No matter the situation where help is required, our 24/7 response team are guaranteed to respond and assist in the most appropriate way we can.

Since joining the MePACS service in 2017 due to a few falls and limited mobility, our client Alison relied on MePACS for quite an unusual emergency – being locked out of her own house.

“It was a windy morning and usually I can wedge the back door open, but as I’ve gone out I knocked it and it slammed straight in. The front door was locked too and I thought ‘Oh great, what am I going to do now?’

I started to worry and considered how I would be able to get hold of a spare key when I remembered my keylock that MePACS had recommended. Luckily I was wearing my MePACS alarm and I knew it would still work in my backyard – a miracle!”

Alison pressed her alarm and says she instantly felt a wave of relief when she heard the voice of the MePACS operator coming from the base unit through her door.

“When the response operator answered, I said to them that I know they answer medical emergencies, but I still needed help and would they kindly get someone to come open my keylock for me, so I can get back into my house because I’d locked myself out. MePACS were more than happy to oblige and a home care nurse came along to let me back in again.”

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As she lives alone, Alison appreciates that MePACS check in on her well-being, including with a monthly pendant test to ensure her alarm is up-to-date and working as normal.

“It’s just the smallest things that MePACS comes in handy for – I never think about bothering them because if it wasn’t for my MePACS alarm around my neck, I would have been very worried and stuck outside for hours with no phone on me.”

Alison also has a daily call service from MePACS installed and says that pressing the button to let them know she is up and about is a great start to her morning routine.

“I’ve got MePACS around 24/7, and I simply press the daily call button as soon as I wake up. Knowing that you have a monitored service like MePACS to look out for you, and the guarantee that someone is on the other end of the line to help, is very reassuring.”

In the warmer weather, Alison can be found tending to her garden and planting bulbs in the Spring, with her favourites being chrysanthemums.

“I like to spend time outside when I can and I always wear my MePACS alarm around my neck no matter what I’m doing. It’s nice to have that constant security.”

A MePACS alarm gives many seniors the freedom to go about their day with confidence and great peace of mind. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or Join Now