28 Oct 21

“MePACS has restored my confidence to go out by myself.” – Anne

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

Living in sunny Queensland, our client Anne now feels safer and more secure MePACS, knowing that our 24/7 response team is always ready to look out for her safety and wellbeing.

“What stood out to me about MePACS in particular, compared to the other personal alarm options I was given, was that they offered a 24/7 emergency response service. So I could be guaranteed that someone would answer my signal for help, even if it was the middle of the night, and I wouldn’t be burdening my friends or family if I didn’t need them. I thought, ‘that’s the right personal alarm for me’ and I have been with MePACS ever since.”

“I’m very pleased with the MePACS service – the response team are always kind and friendly when I do my check in or a monthly pendant test. It makes me feel very reassured that when I have a medical emergency, they will reassure me that everything is okay, and I’m in safe hands with help on the way.”

“If you’re a senior who lives alone like me, I would certainly recommend a MePACS alarm. It is essential for us.”

Since joining the MePACS personal alarm service, Anne says that she definitely made the right decision for her personal health.

“I had a massive fall last year and ended up in hospital with a broken arm. When I was in rehabilitation, the occupational therapist recommended that I should have a personal alarm at home and when I go out by myself, because I was now prone to falls. I knew it would be an important safety measure for me, especially as I live alone and enjoy my independence.”

“I have the MePACS Home Alarm for wearing around the house and garden, because I only have a small backyard, and the Mobile Alarm for when I go out. It’s an easy switch and it gives me great peace of mind to know that I am covered if I have a medical emergency.”

Anne has multiple medical appointments to attend in Brisbane and used to worry about going out alone – but thanks to quick actions of the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service, she can retain her confidence to keep being independent.

“I don’t drive and I use a lot of public transport by myself. When I went to appointments, I worried about having a fall and the possibility of being disoriented or hurt and not being able to call for help quickly. Now I just press the button on the Mobile alarm, MePACS will answer and get the help that I need for me.”

“The MePACS Mobile alarm is quite convenient because I can clip it to my belt or wear it around my neck so it’s secure and I can easily reach it. I always have my mobile phone with me but navigating through the numbers and everything while in a state of distress is not what I want to do at all.”

“MePACS has restored my confidence to go out by myself, and my family are very relieved to know I wear a MePACS alarm all the time.”

At MePACS, we are proud to be able to support people like Anne, who despite some challenges, continue to live a full life knowing that help is just a button press away.


How can MePACS help support independent living

As a national personal alarm provider, MePACS has over 50,000 clients across Australia who rely on our quick response and triage in a medical emergency. Our home and mobile alarm bundle is designed for people who enjoy an active and independent lifestyle, but want peace of mind knowing that they quickly can signal for help in an emergency.

For seniors, people living with disability or those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems, a fully monitored personal alarm is quick and effective, and can make all the difference when it matters most.


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