"The MePACS team has been invaluable from day one." - Bendigo Village - MePACS


08 Sep 20

“The MePACS team has been invaluable from day one.” – Bendigo Village

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MePACS is known for keeping communities safe with our range of personal alarms to suit the needs of many seniors. We support numerous retirement villages across Australia to ensure their residents can benefit from our 24/7 emergency response service.

Jim Parkes is part of the management team at Bendigo Retirement Village, a community for local seniors to spend their well-deserved leisure years.

“We upgraded to MePACS from an autodialler personal alarm system which was at least a few decades old and certainly lacked capabilities that we really needed. It was based on having a landline phone and was just completely incompatible with new technology.

There were a number of reasons why we chose MePACS, but the fact that they offer a 24/7 emergency response service monitored by trained professionals really hit home for us and our residents.

The MePACS response service can assess and triage the kind of help that our residents need, whenever they need it. I was impressed by the number of staff and resources that are available too, and our residents never need to worry if their signal for help has gone through or not.

We like the idea of having a pendant that our residents can wear around their neck or on their wrist, and the area that it covers – from their front letterbox to their back fence. It’s comfortable for them to wear all the time, and they can even wear it in the shower which is a high risk area.

A lot of our residents have also chosen not to have a landline phone installed, and as MePACS personal alarms don’t rely on a landline phone, it means our resident’s alarms can be updated to the current Telstra mobile network whenever any changes are made. We’re keeping on track with modern technology.

MePACS alarms aren’t NBN reliant either, so that ticked another one of our boxes. Our village is over 18 acres of land so it was great that the MePACS team came out and ensured we would have adequate mobile coverage as well.

The MePACS team has been invaluable from day one. We found that we had great rapport and consistent support during the application and installation process. It was a smooth transition for my team and our residents, and we’re confident that we made the right decision for our future.

From a management perspective, I think it’s fantastic how MePACS manage medical emergencies beyond the incident itself. A big thing for us is making sure the families of our residents are also aware if they experience a medical emergency, and we get daily and monthly reports from MePACS to show how their service has responded to each signal for help. They also do a monthly pendant test for the residents to check each alarm is working well. It’s just a win-win situation for everyone.

MePACS are guaranteed to answer a signal for help within 2 minutes no matter what time it is, which really gives our residents great reassurance and peace of mind. It’s simple to use and most of them have gained a lot of confidence while living alone, just knowing MePACS are there if they need them.

We know MePACS really care about the safety of seniors because they have a dedicated response team, they’re part of a public health network and have provided their service for over 30 years. Bendigo Village will definitely recommend their high level of service and expertise in the personal alarms industry now and into the future.”  Jim Parkes, Bendigo Village

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