24 Aug 21

“I think wearing a MePACS alarm all the time is essential.” – Beverly

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

For many seniors across Australia, there comes a time when you realise you need to do more about your safety if you want to live in your own home for as long as possible. 

Living in regional Victoria, our client Beverly joined the MePACS personal alarm service in 2014. When she started having a few falls, one of the first priorities on her list was getting a fully monitored personal alarm to enable a quick signal for help. 

“If I had a fall, I could usually get up by myself but it made me think that there’s always the chance that I can’t, and I would need to have a way to signal for help especially if I didn’t have a phone in reach.” 

“I’m often out in the garden and you know there’s plenty of things to trip or slip on, especially when you’re not concentrating on where you walk. But I always wear my MePACS personal alarm to make sure I can prevent lying out there for hours without anyone knowing.” 

Safety measures like a MePACS medical alarm not only reduce the time it takes for help to arrive, but can also ensure seniors like Beverly retain their confidence to continue living independently for longer. 

“My MePACS alarm was a great help for me recently. I lost my balance in the garden and couldn’t get up, but I was able to get help by pressing my MePACS alarm and the response team answered in what felt like no time at all. Even though I was hurt, it was reassuring to know my son would be on the way.” 

“Especially for those who are prone to falls or medical emergencies, I think wearing a MePACS personal alarm all the time, including in the shower, is essential. It’s not much good sitting on your bedside table if you are in your garden or bathroom.” 

The MePACS Home Alarm allows our clients to feel safer and more secure while at home – it’s waterproof, lightweight, easy to press and can even be worn out in the garden, depending on the size of the property. 

Find out more about our Home Alarm or call 1800 685 329 

With the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service always available to answer Beverly’s signal for help, she says it is “quite a relief” to know she is guaranteed a professional and personalised response from a real person.

“To have a familiar voice answer when I press my MePACS pendant, and ask if I am alright, is just wonderful for my well-being. I know the MePACS response team can call for the right help that I need, whether it is one of my sons or an ambulance, and then they stay on the line to comfort me until someone arrives.”  

“It saves my family worrying about me, when they know I’ve got such a reliable personal alarm service as MePACS to look out for my safety.” 

Like Beverly, seniors across Australia deserve absolute peace of mind about their safety, so they can do what they love without worrying about a medical emergency. For more information on MePACS personal alarms, call our lovely team on 1800 685 329.