07 Nov 21

How to buy the best personal alarm for Christmas

MePACS Team | MePACS Products & Services

Coming up to Christmas, the hunt for the perfect present for your senior mum or dad begins.

Give the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round — a personal alarm to help you or your loved one feel secure and reassured at home or out and about.

We’ve compiled a few points of interest to consider when searching for an ideal personal alarm this Christmas and how to compare particular services to guarantee security, independence, confidence and total peace of mind for everyone.


What is a personal alarm and how does it work?

Personal alarms are small, safety devices that can give you and your family peace of mind and a sense of security in a medical emergency or fall.

Time is of the essence in any medical situation, so you need to be able to rely on and guarantee that someone responds as soon as possible. As an instant and life-saving form of communication in an emergency, these devices should be worn on your person at all times and when pressed, it alerts a family member or a response centre who can send for the most appropriate help on your behalf.


Top 5 features to look for in a personal alarmmepacs homeandmobile unit

Looking out for your safety is an absolute priority, so making sure a personal alarm is easy to use is often the first thing to consider. It can also help to make a list about what you value or what features would suit your medical condition.

At MePACS, we assist our clients to make an informed decision about what they want from a personal alarm, and how it can benefit their lifestyle.

1. 24/7 Response – to ensure the quickest response when you need help.  Do you have family members available or do you opt for a professional monitored alarm where you are guaranteed to get a fast response anytime day or night?

2. Automatic Fall detection – to safeguard you if you have a fall or faint, with an automatic alert sent to a response centre or contacts

3. GPS technology – so help can get to your exact location as soon as possible

4. Reception – if you have good mobile reception where you live, so the signal for help can be sent efficiently

5. Water-resistance – so you can wear it in the shower, while washing the dishes or doing any water-related activity in the home and garden

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Smart Technology for Independent Living

Personal alarm watches are one of the latest wearable alarm products in the industry, offering stylish and discreet designs but ultimate safety and security.

With unbeatable peace of mind, the revolutionary MePACS Solo Watch is packed with features including falls detection that automatically sends alerts to MePACS, heart rate and steps monitoring and GPS technology. It is fully water-resistant and can even tell the time.

All this in one single device. Ideal for seniors, the MePACS Solo Watch supports an independent and active lifestyle with the peace of mind that if you need help, guaranteed assistance is on hand.

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Monitored personal alarms vs. Autodiallers

A monitored service like MePACS that is answered by real people can only perform such a coordinated yet personalised response in times of medical emergency; with a professional team of operators to assess the situation and triage the right help needed in minutes.

Although convenient, auto dialler personal alarms automatically text and call a list of pre-selected contacts when the alarm is activated, even if it is accidentally. If the first contact does not answer, it can call up to five contacts until someone picks up.

MePACS Auto diallers
Answered by trained professionals in emergency response Yes No
Guaranteed response every time Yes No
Response time Under 2 minutes automatic call sequence until someone answers
Prioritise call to emergency services Yes No
Relay specific information about the event to emergency services Yes No
Emergency response centre based in Australia Yes No
Offer a ‘daily call’ to check on clients Yes No


Make the right choice for you or your loved one this Christmas — whether you are a senior, person living with a disability or have a compromised immune system, everyone has a personal alarm to suit their needs at MePACS.

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