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03 Nov 21

MePACS Gives Carers Greater Peace of Mind at Christmas

MePACS Team | Carers , Testimonials

Christmas is a time of giving – to show your loved ones that you care about their welfare and want to help improve their independence.

For the carers of seniors, people living with disabilities or those with compromised immune systems, it can be quite worrying to wonder how they would get essential help in a medical emergency while living on their own.

Valerie and her family agree that her 93 year old mum Ema feels safer with a MePACS personal alarm.


MePACS personal alarm review“My mum is prone to falls and also has Asthma and Arthritis, so she needed to have some added security for those times when we’re not at home.

We all feel more secure now knowing there is a trained response team that can answer mum’s signal for help within two minutes. It’s given us great peace of mind.”





Philip and his family now feel at ease knowing that 24/7 assistance is available from MePACS for their loved ones.


“My mum and dad are in their 90’s and live independently in their own home.mepacs alarm client seniors elderly safety They wanted the security of knowing that they had a personal alarm on them that could be used instantly in the case of an emergency”.

In one particular emergency, Esma fell and Kevin wasn’t able to help her up.

At the press of a MePACS personal alarm, a response monitor quickly answered and arranged an ambulance to attend.

Philip says that he and his family are reassured that “immediate assistance can be sought from MePACS when mum and dad need emergency help.”


Sandy’s family also benefit from the efficiency and professionalism of the MePACS response team.


Sandy has Muscular Dystrophy, so she is prone to falls and has limited mobility.

Using her NDIS funding, she has a MePACS personal alarm to help her feel safe and independent in her own home.

“I feel very reassured, because I know I can always depend on the MePACS service to answer my signal for help.”





With just a single press of the button, our clients are connected to trained emergency response operators, who can identify the necessary help required and call the most relevant contact – which can either be Triple Zero or a carer.

Our range of personal alarms not only give peace of mind and confidence to our clients but also reassurance to family members – if their loved one needs help quickly, they can rely on MePACS.

MePACS Home AlarmA simple home speaker unit and comfortable pendant that can either be worn on the wrist or around the neck. With a radius of around 70 metres, or from the letterbox to the back fence, the MePACS home alarm brings comfort to many senior clients.

MePACS Mobile Alarm: For those who enjoy an independent lifestyle, the MePACS Mobile alarm can go to the shops with you, visiting friends or even on holiday in Australia. With GPS technology allowing us to pinpoint your exact location, emergency help will arrive in no time. 

MePACS Solo Watch: Our latest personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the MePACS Solo watch is designed for tech-savvy users who want a discreet and stylish smart watch with the safety and security of the MePACS monitored service. With automatic falls detection and water-resistance, it is absolutely ideal for those who love to keep fit and active. 

MePACS provides guaranteed support to our clients and their families with alarm system that can be easily activated to send out an alert when they need urgent assistance.  

For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms contact 1800 685 329 or visit our product overview page.